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Allure March 2020

Allure, the first and only magazine devoted to beauty, is an insider's guide to a woman's total image. Allure investigates and celebrates beauty and fashion with objectivity and candor, and places appearance in a larger cultural context.

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let’s go shopping

As beauty editors, we’re extremely fortunate that we have access to pretty much any product, device, or service for free. But our goal in testing thousands of masks, pomades, and powders each year has always been to help you avoid the pitfalls that can come with so many choices. If I were in a different line of work, I definitely wouldn’t have the overflowing medicine cabinet and makeup closet that I do now. So for this, our shopping issue, I wanted to share a few tips about how I’d build a stash of essentials—what I’d splurge on and what I’d save on. KNOW YOUR SKIN. Yes, it can be pricey, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover it, but I recommend that people see a dermatologist at least once (besides getting regular mole…

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crown jewels

Here’s a little pearl of wisdom: Jewelry always looks about 10 times as chic when it’s woven through the hair. And when that jewelry is a few strands of what could be a family heirloom, the look is both an homage to the past and an irreverent wink at it. For Khaite’s spring 2020 show, hairstylist Eugene Souleiman gave models a demure center part, then braided thin sections of hair and attached a strand of pearls to each. The effect was feminine and dreamy, but hardly pure—it was the look of a woman who had taken Grandmother’s pearls for a night on the town. The classic double strand may be the mother of all pearls, but this season hairstylists are reimagining where and how to show off those gifts from the…

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holy water

In the morning, I keep my skin-care to three steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize. So when I met Akar Skin’s Balance Toner, my routine didn’t change—but my skin sure did. After I wash my face, I pat a few drops of the rose and neroli-flower water onto my skin. The alcohol-free, antioxidant-rich formula calms even the slightest hint of redness and irritation, while white willow bark extract gently exfoliates. By the time it sinks in, my complexion is brighter, smoother, and softer. Plus, I smell ever so faintly like a garden. The April Allure Beauty Box includes Akar Skin Balance Toner along with six other products ($15 per month; allure.com/beautyreporter).…

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heart (th)rob

Allure: A lot of your film roles can be described as canonically handsome men. What’s it like to be superlatively hot? R.P.: [Laughs] It’s weird. I never was really up for the good-looking-guy roles, because I’ve always been quite awkward when meeting people. My Harry Potter role was a good looking guy, and it was a shock that it was quite easy to get. And then in Twilight, [Edward is] beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. When I turned up for the audition, I had done a job where I’d dyed my hair black, but I had an inch and a half of roots, and I had waxed my body. And then I had a few months where I’d been drinking beer all day, so I had this hairless, chubby body. I looked like…

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cult object instant icon

Lips as soft as pebbled leather. Lips that gleam like sunlight leaping off an enamel bangle. Lips that wink like the tiny accent sitting atop Hermès, carved into a creamy bullet. The malletier’s first makeup arrives this month, complete with 27 colors in two finishes (matte and satin). The colors range from soft suede to silky crimson to the vibrant bloom of a Mexican rose, all scented with a sandalwood blend courtesy of in-house perfumer Christine Nagel. Each is superlatively pleasing to hold and to behold. It is, in a word: Hermès.…

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keke it real

MANTRA “Don’t let anyone’s perception of you be your perception of yourself.” MIND-SET “Everyone keeps telling [millennials] we’re too young. But [at 26] I have something to contribute. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to learn.” HOBBY “I’m going to start culinary school soon to feed another one of my passions.” POWER LOOK “Mom jeans, a tee, a patterned blazer, and sneakers. Plus, light makeup: MAC blush, lip gloss, Benefit mascara, and brows done with my Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil.” BEAUTY MARK “I have this Aristotle quote tattooed on my left arm: ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ It makes excellence seem attainable—all I have to do is try my hardest every day.” HAIRSTYLE “On TV, black beauty has been perceived in one way: straight hair. But everybody’s hair…