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google looking back control of android from samsung

Samsung’s phones may be the among the most popular Android handsets, but they’re also the furthest from Google’s vision, with their own app store, UI and digital assistant. But with the launch of the Galaxy Note20 (see page 34), a new report from Bloomberg suggests (fave.co/3io62qP) that Google is looking to rein in some of Samsung’s freedom. According to correspondence between the two companies, Google is looking to take back search on Samsung’s handsets, the foundation for everything Android does. The two companies are discussing a deal that would, according to the report, “promote Google’s digital assistant and Play Store for apps” on Galaxy devices. That would be a major change over the current system. While the Play Store and Google Assistant are built into Galaxy phones like they are on…

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microsoft shows how you’ll pin android apps to windows taskbar

Microsoft continues to forge closer ties between Windows and Samsung products. The company announced recently that users who pair Windows’ Your Phone app with a Samsung Galaxy Note20 will be able to pin one or more Android apps to their Windows taskbar. Your Phone users will be able to interact with multiple Android apps via the Your Phone app – up to three, Microsoft showed off at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 virtual event. (Microsoft said a total of five will be supported.) Even better, via a persistent virtual connection between phone and PC, you’ll be able to pin those Android apps to your PC’s taskbar, beginning in November. Samsung and Microsoft also showed off additional capabilities that bring the two companies closer together. For example, Samsung Notes will be able to…

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google assistant’s new family bell feature

As summer slowly winds to a close and the first day of remote learning remains weeks away (for many of us, anyway), it’s easy to let the children go nuts on their tablets. Luckily, Google Assistant has a new feature to help keep young ones from disappearing into their bean bags. Available now in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and India, the new Family Bell feature lets you create bells that sound on your Google smart speakers and displays, just like the bells at school. For example, you can say “Hey Google, create a Family Bell” to set reminder bells for breakfast, the start of a virtual camp day, breaktime in the back garden or lunchtime. Your various bells can recur every day or on specific days of the week, and you can…

11 min.
review: google pixel 4a

Price: £349 (inc VAT) from fave.co/2CdDOzA It may have felt as though Google’s new mid-range phone would never arrive, but the Pixel 4a is finally here. On the whole, Google has done another fantastic job of getting the key things right here and at a cheaper price than the Pixel 3a. However, tech nerds are likely to be tempted by some rivals due to a couple of missing features. When I say the Pixel 4a is here, that means the phone is official at long last. However, you can’t actually pre-order it until 10 September, then it won’t start shipping until 1 October. The question is whether the Pixel 4a is worth waiting for. DESIGN It’s a case of the same but different when it comes to the Pixel 4a’s design. While it still looks…

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google pixel 4a versus apple iphone se

The iPhone SE might be Apple’s unexpected hit of 2020, but there’s a new competitor in town: the Google Pixel 4a. But Google’s newest mid-range handset is going to need a lot more than a low price to take on Apple’s mighty budget blockbuster. Here’s how the two phones measure up. DESIGN I never thought I’d see the day when Google designs a nicer phone than Apple, but it is hard to deny the Pixel 4a’s good looks. It has relatively slim and uniform bezels all around thanks to its hole-punch camera, an extremely compact and light frame, and a classy all-black exterior. Even with a far-bigger display, the Pixel 4a has very similar dimensions and weight as the SE: Pixel 4a: 144x69.4x8.2mm, 148g iPhone SE: 138.4x67.3x7.3mm, 143g When it comes to the back of…

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the pixel 4a is the perfect foil to the extravagant samsung galaxy note20

Google’s new Pixel 4a doesn’t have the latest processor, cutting-edge space-zoom cameras or a 120Hz display. It doesn’t even have wireless charging. But with a £349 price tag, 5.8in display, and the best design Google has ever shipped, it just might be able to take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note20 behemoth (see page 34 for details). At first glance, the Pixel 4a doesn’t look much like its namesake, the Pixel 4, but it’s not hard to see the influence in its rounded silhouette and raised square camera array. There’s a sleekness here that we haven’t seen in a Google phone before, though. Google offers just one size of the Pixel 4a and just one colour as well, but it’ll likely nail most people’s sweet spot: 5.8 inches and black, with a mint-green…