Australian Home Beautiful February 2019

Home Beautiful is every home decorator's best friend. With more pages dedicated to homes than any other Australian title, Home Beautiful guides readers towards transforming their own homes into the kind of showplace they see within the magazine.  We demystify the rules of decorating and empower readers to become their own savvy decorators. Covering 5 main pillars - indoors, outdoors, renovate, decorate and food, Home Beautiful is a magazine catered to those who love the home they’re in.

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from the editor: beautiful rooms

What is it that makes a room beautiful? Is it the pieces — or maybe just one single eyecatching show-stopper — that make a space sing, or maybe a clever feature that tempts us to look twice, or a colour we just can’t get out of our heads? It’s questions such as these we ask ourselves a lot here at Home Beautiful as we review, find and create spaces to help inspire you as you decorate. And, in the leadup to our 50 Beautiful Rooms special, and in particular, the closing date of our Beautiful Rooms competition, they’re ones we consider even more. For me, a beautiful room is about so much more than the pieces that are in it: rather, it is about the people who live there, and the…

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HOMEBEAUTIFULMAG @HOMEBEAUTIFUL HOMEBEAUTIFUL.COM.AU PINTEREST.COM/HOMEBEAUTIFUL HOMEBEAUTIFUL@ MEET THE HB TEAM … JULIA HOOLAHAN, HB ACTING CREATIVE DIRECTOR How long have you been at HB? “Nearly 10 years! I’ve worked on the magazine since I was a junior designer. When I first decided to study graphic design (all those years back), my main objective was to become the art director of a magazine, and that dream was realised here at HB!” What is your favourite feature in HB? Our ‘Homes’ section – this is really the heart of our magazine and I have such admiration for our talented homeowners. It’s a real skill to renovate, design and style a house, and turn it into a gorgeous home.” Can you describe your favourite home decorating style? “I can’t! This changes all the time for me as I’m exposed to lots of different…

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the edit

COLLECTION: greg natale Renowned for his bold and brilliant use of colour and pattern, award-winning interior designer Greg Natale has released a new collection of luxury homewares – and it’s as striking as you’d expect. Handcrafted from stone, shell and brass, the timeless range consists of catch-alls, coasters, vases and more. “These pieces are treasures I hope people will adopt as heirlooms… I spent years searching for the right materials and artisans,” says Greg. Keep up-to-date with the range as it’s released at…

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in the know: what’s hot

sweet dreams Inspired by the serene hues of coastal living, the latest bespoke bedhead release from Heatherly Design has us dreaming of lazy holiday sleep-ins. Pictured is the ‘Tilbury’ bed finished in ‘Malmo Drizzle’ linen, $3770 (from $2160 for bedhead only), and the ‘Adele’ footstool finished in ‘Mineral’ linen, $1390. Visit FRAMING UP Have you been putting off printing your pics and making a trip to the framers? If so, you’ll be glad to meet Format Framing – an online platform that allows you to upload your image, choose a frame and have it delivered within two weeks. Your images are printed on top-quality cotton rag paper and each custom-made frame is crafted in Melbourne from sustainably sourced Australian timber. Priced from $90 for a 30cm x 30cm or 20cm x 30cm…

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5 minutes with: sami ruotsalainen

What are the key elements to timeless design? “This is a tricky question – there’s no one recipe. The most important thing about timeless design is its functionality – if something feels easy to use, then the design is successful.” The best place you’ve seen Oiva used or styled in the last 10 years? “There have been many memorable moments. Once in a restaurant in Helsinki, the sushi was served from plates I designed. Another time, I was watching [the television show] Suits when I realised one of the characters was drinking coffee from a mug I designed.” Looking back now, is there anything that you would have done differently when designing the collection? “I wouldn’t do anything differently. One can always make a hypothesis, but everything we have done in the…

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designer’s diary: bethany james

james said “James Said is really an extension of myself. It’s all the furniture that I’m passionate about and what I have to say about interiors. Once I put it out there, it becomes James Said. The whole store reflects myself and my personal style. So it’s definitely my favourite place to shop and most of the products that are in my home are from my store.” Visit: Stores in Sydney and Perth, 1800 077 704. Bookmark: “I DON’T KNOW THAT I ACTUALLY EVER SWITCH OFF FROM MY WORK: IF YOU ASKED ME WHAT MY HOBBIES AND INTERESTS WERE, IT’S ALWAYS INTERIORS AND MY BUSINESS. I LIVE AND BREATHE IT ALL THE TIME”~ BETHANY ZIMMERMANN “I love that Zimmermann is super feminine – it’s my favourite brand. I think it represents me the best. Every…