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Australian Woodsmith Issue 160

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Australian Woodsmith is packed with all the tips and tricks from experts with years of experience. We include templates, plans and projects that will keep you busy in the workshop for hours, or at least until the next issue hits the newsstands. Australian Woodsmith is a woodworking magazine that brings exploded illustrations, step-by-step instructions and techniques to the dedicated timber hobbyist.

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It was a real delight to read and review David Binnington Savage’s wonderful The Intelligent Hand. The book starts with David at the wheel of his beloved Morgan and ends with him standing beside it as he prepares for his last journey. In the book David tells his story about the challenges involved in becoming one of the UK’s most admired designer and maker of top end furniture. David explains that it is not enough to be just clever with your hands and have an eye for excellent design, you also need to be able to market your goods and manage a business. Entrepreneurial skills don’t necessarily coalesce with craft skills. The road to success as a maker is a challenging one, but for those who have the creative itch…

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tips & techniques

SKATEBOARD HELPER Moving full sheets of plywood around can be a hassle. One day, while carrying around a sheet, I almost tripped on my kid's skateboard. As unnerving as it was, it sparked an idea. SHEET MOVER. My idea was to harvest the trucks off an old skateboard and use them to move sheets around. By screwing them to a block of plywood, I found it was quite easy to set a sheet onto them and wheel it around my workshop. The best thing of all is that they’re easy to store and roll over the uneven floor in my garage. David Hahn HARDWARE STORAGE In my workshop, I usually keep certain types of hardware on hand. This means buying large bags of hardware at the hardware store. Once you’ve opened the bag however, storing…

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next issue of australian woodsmith on sale 3rd dec. 2020 – issue no. 161

In our next issue we show you what the new Arbortech Precision Carving System (PSC) can do. We also look into another Australian company that is leading the way in luminous powders that you add to your finishes so they glow in the dark! Our tool focus is chisel preparation and the steps you need to take to get the most out of this versatile tool. We also show you how to do clever cuts on the table saw. The weekend project is a candle lantern that can light your outdoor table as well as keep the mozzies at bay. The designer project is a standing mirror with a difference. The heirloom project is a challenging model steam train that is bound to keep you in the shed for weeks. As…

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boys’ toys, books & gear

ARBORTECH PRECISION CARVING SYSTEM The clever team at Abortech has miniaturised the amazing ball gouge and turned it into an astonishingly clean carving machine. Along with the Precision Ball Gouge, the system also includes a Precision Barrel Cutter and a Precision Drum Sander. As you can see, the barrel cutter has a precision machined double-edged blade, locked between jaws with a bolt. The smaller Allen key removes the bolt and releases the blade so it can be honed. Both the ball gouge and the barrel cutter are 15mm in diameter. This really seems to be a sweet spot for manoeuvrability when the cutters are attached to the power carving unit (or an angle grinder). What really impressed us in the workshop was being able to carve cursive letters (and whole sentences)…

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japanese marking knives

Accuracy in woodworking is only as good as your measuring and marking tools. And when it comes to those two items, what you use for marking out measurements is the key to better results. When I first started out, I used a “sharp” pencil. Of course, as you use it, it becomes a little less accurate. And to be honest, even fully sharpened it’s not all that precise. It was always a guessing game as to what part of the pencil line I should cut to. It wasn’t long before I moved on to using a marking knife for as much of my layout work as possible. Marking knives (or striking knives, as they’re sometimes called) come in a wide range of styles and prices. I’m particularly drawn to the Japanese-style knives…

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choosing clock components

Building a handcrafted clock is a popular project for many woodworkers. But if you’ve never made one before, all the choices for movements, dials, hands and other parts can get a little confusing. Over the years, I’ve developed a few tricks for honing in on the parts I need. Here are some of the things I keep in mind when planning a new clock. FOCUS ON THE CLOCK TYPE. As you get started, it’s best to get a sense of what kind of clock you want. Your concept may evolve in several different ways. For some, you may have a general idea of the type of clock you like and find components that work for it. Other times, the components you find serve as the inspiration for the design of the…