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Australian Woodsmith Issue 161

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Australian Woodsmith is packed with all the tips and tricks from experts with years of experience. We include templates, plans and projects that will keep you busy in the workshop for hours, or at least until the next issue hits the newsstands. Australian Woodsmith is a woodworking magazine that brings exploded illustrations, step-by-step instructions and techniques to the dedicated timber hobbyist.

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Making and mending is a balm for the soul. Breathing new life into old tools is just one of the many pleasures that can be had in a workshop. Another is fettling your planes and sharpening all the chisels that sit in the tool drawer. Time spent taking care of your tools pays dividends when you build a piece of furniture from scratch or mend something that is broken. One day soon we will be able to attend wood shows and galleries and enjoy seeing what fellow makers have created during their Covid isolation. The challenge that we have for all our readers is to turn to page 72 and read about the Tiny Treasures competition. You could be $2500 richer if your entry impresses the Maleny Expo judges, however everybody wins…

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tips & techniques

PEGBOARD ON A LAZY SUSAN A recent quarantine project of mine was creating some picnic tables. When it came to finishing them, I decided to repurpose a plywood lazy Susan I had laying around. PEGBOARD UPGRADE. As you can see in the photo, I used a piece of pegboard and glued it on top of the plywood. The pegboard holes fit sharpened dowels and they serve as finishing points. Then, depending on the project, I can put the dowels in different holes to hold items for finishing. The pegboard would work well even on a simple piece of plywood. John Doyle PENCIL-SHARPEN YOUR POINTS Recently, I was watching my dad sharpen dowels into points using his pocket knife. That seemed silly because the dowels were almost the exact size of a pencil. So to help him…

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next issue of australian woodsmith on sale 11th february 2021 – issue no. 162

In our next issue we look into resins in the workshop and how they can turn a defect in timber into an asset. We dive deep into router accessories and show you how to get the most from this versatile tool. In our weekend project we show you how to cut shallow coves on a table saw, while our workshop project will have you making a handy router plane. The designer project is an elegant chest of drawers crafted with hand tools only! The most challenging project is a Welsh stick chair. The geometry of the chair has been solved for you, all you need to do is dedicate time and energy into crafting this classic from Wales. As usual we feature clever tips and techniques from our generous readers.…

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boys’ toys, books & gear

SANSHO SPRAY OIL Camellia oil is a 100% food-safe natural oil extracted from camellia seeds. It is an odourless and non-staining oil that will not change the finishing characteristics of the stock you are building with. Historically it was the oil the samurai used to protect their precious blades from corrosion and staining. Japanese chefs and woodworkers continue to use camellia oil to protect their blades. What is new about this camellia oil is that it is presented in a neat spray bottle. A little goes a long way. After a day on the tools all you need is a gentle mist of oil sprayed over your tools and then wiped across each surface. The oil is good for your skin as well as creating a moisture barrier membrane on your cutting…

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the tree whisperer

Arborists are experts in the body language of trees. Just like Sherlock Holmes, they see things the average mortal misses. I first met Graham when he was leaning against the neighbour's tree, holding the strange device you see to the right. He explained what he was doing and suggested that if I was interested, I should visit on site and see how tree health can be diagnosed and documented. A month later I met Graham in Cronulla, he had his clever kit of tools on a picnic table and was ready for action. Before he got to work documenting the health of the liquid amber in question, I asked him for his gut feeling about the tree. The first thing he pointed out was the tracks left by a lightning strike! (If you…

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arbortech precision carving system

Kevin Inkster and the clever team at Abortech keep on inventing the future! Arbortech has added two new cutters (and a drum sander) to the family of tools that have transformed the humble angle grinder into a versatile carving machine. As you can see below, the new set of cutters have a smaller shank and cutting head. This allows them to carve finer details into sculptural pieces as well as bowls and platters. The Precision Adaptor steps down the M10 thread found on the angle grinder arbor and reduces it to an M8 thread. The Precision Adaptor also extends the reach of the cutters and allows them to carve and sand in tight corners. THE CHALLENGE When the box of cutters landed in the workshop, I was eager to find out what they could…