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Australian Yoga Journal July 2019

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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the magic of travel

TRAVEL HUMBLES YOU, it awes you and it inspires you, all at the same time. It teaches patience, resilience and compassion. It puts our first-world worries and petty concerns in the context of a larger world. It shows us suffering as well as indescribable beauty. It lays humanity bare, exposing our fundamental human connection and universal love. I can think of no better life experience for self-discovery and personal growth. Perhaps the only better experience is to pair travel with a yoga. Together, they create a journey; a journey into the world, with all its colour and craziness; and a journey inward, into that part of you that only you really know; and part that exists outside of this plain of existence. That’s why we loved making this issue. As we put…

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what’s on

June World Yoga Day Events around the world June 21 Pop it in your diary and do a Google search to find an International Yoga Day event near you! Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga TT Byron Bay June 28-30 Facilitated by Rosie Matheson, this 22-hour Yoga Alliance Certified training is perfect to add to any yoga teacher’s toolkit, or for mamas or anyone interested in women’s health (you don’t need to be a yoga teacher to attend). The course goes above and beyond to equip participants with everything they need to ensure a happy pregnancy supported by yoga – from ‘Overview of the physiological changes for mum and baby’ to ‘Partner yoga for pregnancy’ and more. www.creatureyoga.com.au july 50-hour Yin Yoga TT with Tara Fitzgibbon Byron Bay July 12-14 + July 19-21 Join one of Australia’s most experienced yin yoga teachers…

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in the now

Symphony celebrates silence for World Yoga Day The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra is holding a special concert to celebrate the international day of yoga this June. On the 21st, the ASO will explore silence – the iconic ‘13th note’. This note, which is really the space between notes, is used to invite meditative reflection in the audience. Over 60 minutes with no intervals, 43 ASO musicians will play works by Debussy, Greig, Elgar and Faure. Guests can either book a regular seat or a premium ticket – aka a yoga mat on the floor – as they hold their applause and rest in silent contemplation. www.aso.com.au BRAVO BERLIN Yoga counts as vocational training In case you need a reason to visit Germany, here’s one – they love yoga! So much so that the state…

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MUSIC: Breath – Desert Dwellers Think slow house grooves meets tribal rhythms in a serene sound explosion. Breath draws listeners into a world of mystic melodies and hypnotic vocals that transport you to a place beyond the physical - an imaginative realm that so often lies dormant in our daily lives. The perfect soundscape to enhance the yoga and meditation experience. Available on Spotify and Google Play. www.desertdwellers.org/breath PODCAST: Classic Flow Make sure to check out this beauty in its final season. Three seasons in and we’re loving these sweet yoga sessions accompanied by soul soothing classical music. There’s even some delicious breathing and meditations in the mix. Find it on ABC radio or wherever you download your podcasts. PODCAST: Interview with a yogi – A woke yoga podcast with Cora Geroux Launched in December,…

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introducing the yoghiadi project

SEEMINGLY JUST LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE AROUND THE WORLD, yoga’s popularity in Italy is skyrocketing. There’s no shortage of picturesque studios and retreats, with many taking advantage of the country’s exceptional food and wine and integrating them into yogic offerings. CSEN—the National and Educational Sporting Centre—is the organisation that most represents yoga in Italy. It is currently also the biggest association officially recognised by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) among the sport’s promoting bodies and the Ministery of Internal Affairs. Furthermore, CSEN has drawn up an understanding protocol with the Yoga Alliance - Italia/International to convert the RYT certificates. Thanks to CSEN and its adjustments created together with the new Yoghiadi Project, all amateur sports associations could carry on their work. CSEN guaranteed the divulgation, promotion and spread of yoga like it…

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travel well with yoga and ayurvdea

MAINTAINING A LIFE RHYTHM is easy at home, where you control your time and movements. It’s easy to settle into a comfortable routine. But when you're travelling (for business or for pleasure), that rhythm is disrupted, which can throw you and your wellness off-kilter. To set yourself at ease on any journey, first, you have to learn how to ground yourself. Staying grounded away from home really comes down to being mindful and centred regardless of changing environments, time zones, and meal plans. "It means finding a relationship between your brain, body, and breath that disconnects you from the past and future but aligns your energy in the present," says Lawrence Biscontini, manager at the Wyndham's Golden Door Spa in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. "When you're grounded, you breathe well, digest well,…