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governments need to make people want evs

QUESTIONS ABOUT whether governments should mandate people to do something or encourage personal responsibility are quite topical. Yes, we’re talking about the European Union’s push to ban all non-zero-emission cars by 2035 – effectively bringing it into line with the UK (p12). The EU’s existing targets for CO2 emissions, backed by swingeing fines, have played a huge role in pushing car makers to commit to electrifying their line-ups, which in turn has boosted the choice, and therefore the sales, of EVs. However, many buyers still have questions about EV prices, charging infrastructure and range. Some of those concerns are real, but many are misplaced - and it’s imperative governments address them. EU rules will require member states to install EV and hydrogen chargers at regular points along key roads. And in our exclusive…

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new aston martin valhalla is 937bhp phev supercar

Aston Martin’s all-new Valhalla supercar is a radical, mid-engined Ferrari SF90 Stradale rival with a hybridised V8, concept car looks and a chassis set-up inspired by Formula 1. As Gaydon’s first plug-in hybrid, the Valhalla “heralds a new definition of Aston Martin”. It’s also the first all-new model launched under the guidance of CEO Tobias Moers. It forms an integral part of his bold Project Horizon transformation plan for the British brand, which will result in the launch of “more than 10 cars” by 2024, including the Valhalla, the closely related but less potent Vanquish supercar and the ultra-exclusive, V12-engined Valkyrie hypercar (see our ride-along on p9). One of the biggest influencing factors in the Valhalla’s transformation from the RB-003 concept shown at the 2019 Geneva motor show to production has been Aston…

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q&a tobias moers, ceo, aston martin

What did you change from the Valhalla concept? “We’ve kept the spirit of the 2019 concept but changed everything under the skin. The engine is now a V8, and that change meant we needed to modify the mechanical layout. We chose the AMG V8 – an engine that I’m pretty familiar with – because it’s versatile and a known quantity. We would rather invest in electrification than an all-new ICE.” Are you trying to start a new supercar power race? “The Valhalla is very fast and powerful, but I’ve never been interested in any pure power race. The mark of a good car today is the way it deploys its performance. Back in the day, the mark of excellence was lowest drag or peak torque. Now the task is to make very fast…

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valkyrie offers exciting preview of mid-engined astons

The passenger’s side of the Valkyrie is little more than padding on carbonfibre and the footwell is narrow, offset by the teardrop shape of the passenger compartment and with an enforced raised-knee position that’s more bathtub than car. Yet it works: I fit, and there’s head room, too – although I will need to pretty much sit on my left arm to give my driver, Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers, room to work the squared-off steering wheel up the Goodwood hillclimb. The starting procedure involves several stages, as different bits of the electrical system are progressively energised, before it bursts into life with an uneven, high-pitched idle and plenty of vibration reaching us from the Cosworth V12 behind. Moers manoeuvres the Valkyrie out of the garage without it juddering or complaining, and…

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all-new audi rs3 ups the ante

Audi has ushered in a raft of design, technology and powertrain upgrades for the third-generation version of its hardcore RS3. The new rival to the The new rival to the Mercedes-AMG A45 S will go on sale in August, priced from £50,900 for the hatchback and £51,900 for the saloon, with the first customer deliveries due towards the end of this year. POWERTRAIN Audi’s venerable 2.5-litre turbocharged five-pot motor, named an International Engine of the Year on nine consecutive occasions, returns for the new arrival. As in the RS3’s larger sibling, the RS Q3 SUV, it sends a total of 395bhp through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox to both axles. This is sufficient to propel both the hatchback and saloon from standstill to 62mph in just 3.8sec and to an optional top speed of 174mph…

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mercedes-amg sl: first sight of 2+2 interior

THE INTERIOR OF the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG SL roadster has been revealed, as the Affalterbach-based performance division gears up to reveal its reborn Porsche 911 rival in the coming months. The interior design takes inspiration from AMG’s GT and GT 4-Door Coupé, according to Mercedes, but in this instance the centre console is dominated by an 11.9in touchscreen running the brand’s latest MBUX infotainment platform. The company said the portrait orientation – as we’ve already seen on the new S-Class and C-Class – is better for navigation, and the entire screen can be tilted electronically to give drivers the best possible view. A 12.3in instrument display is also fully digital and drivers can customise the menus to suit their individual preferences. An optional head-up display can show the car’s surroundings in 3D. The new SL…