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nest and nurture

Perhaps it’s the falling temperatures, but I often think autumn is when the simplest pleasures lie inside our front doors. And since this makes it a prime period to renovate or refresh, we’ve got lots of wonderful ideas to help plan your projects. Whatever the size of your garden, autumn is an ideal time to plant for coming seasons (page 12), create a living art gallery (page 38) or fall for flowers (page 28). You’ll also be amazed how easy it is to pull off a mid-century makeover (page 110) or create a B&B for bugs (page 20). Indoors, you can play with colour (page 56), embrace luxury (page 68) or don a DIY hat (from page 120) to inspire swoon-worthy spaces. Just as enticing are Fast Ed’s take on…

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welcome back bhg tv

Your favourite end-of-week ritual is back! Starting on February 5, you can settle in every Friday night for fresh episodes of Better Homes and Gardens. While we don’t want to give away all the team’s secrets, we can tell you it’s going to be a bumper year of entertainment as they share ideas and information on your favourite topics, from decorating, DIY, and health and fitness to gardening, cooking and pets. Of course a new year o. en brings with it change, and so it is with our BHG TV family, as much-adored presenter Tara Dennis (le.) bids farewell to the show. Across the past 14 years, Tara has introduced a whole new audience to the joys of hands-on decorating, both on screen and in the magazine. We’ll miss her…

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keep your cool

As you make the most of the best of the rest of your summer blooms, take a little time out to think about what your garden will look like in winter. Autumn is a great time for planting, especially if you live in an area where the summers are long, hot and dry – you’re giving your little ones the extra months during winter to develop the strength to weather all of those searing days. So, as you soak up balmy days, decide on the colourful plants that can make your winter’s long shadows a colourful curling-up spot. AUTUMN PLANTING The weather in autumn is perfect for putting new plants in your garden. The temperature is ideal – not too hot and not too cold – and this helps ease the plants’…

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make a b&b for bugs

Luxury, comfort and style are individual and personal choices – especially when it comes to high-class hideaways. So who knew some creatures find tunnels tempting, are turned on by twigs or sleep deep in bliss on a straw mattress? Beneficial garden bugs are very discerning, yet there’s a posh insect hotel in waiting among your garden debris that can make a handy bolthole for the better bugs of our world. 1 GLAM IT UP Put your insect hotel right among your flowering plants or within your vegetable patch. Also give it some pizzazz! Native bees are attracted to bright colours, including aqua blue. why we love some bugs Good insects serve two functions: they’re pollinators and ensure we have flowering plants and vital veg; or they’re carnivores and eat other insects that are vegetarians…

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wild & so wonderful

SEEN ON BHG TV FRIDAYS 7.00 SEE IT! WHERE Hillandale Gardens, 287 Eusdale Rd, Yetholme, NSW, three hours’ drive west of Sydney. WHEN Open to garden clubs and groups of 15 or more from late October to late March. Can also be booked for weddings. MORE INFO IT’S SO EASY TO BE LED UP THIS GARDEN PATH THAT YOU’LL HAPPILY BE LED BACK DOWN IT – AND REPEAT ALL OVER AGAIN THE NEXT DAY agentle slope is no place for a lawn. Turn it into a modern border garden instead. Then create narrow paths so you can meander through and let the soft foliage brush your skin. Watch the seasons change as flowers come and go, and share your bunches of beauties with visiting birds and bees. ABOUT THE GARDEN Sarah Ryan’s modern, English-style border garden at…

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from large to small

SEEN ON BHG TV FRIDAYS 7.00 Creating a little garden – on a balcony or courtyard – allows you to stretch your imagination, especially if you have moved from sprawling, park-like grounds. You no longer have to think about plants that just fill a space, but those you do choose need to make an impact without being too dominating. A bonus of working in a small space is you can put in little things – be they plants or garden art – with the intricacy and detail that would be missed in a more expansive area. So don’t think of a small garden as a challenge. Instead, think about how it can allow you to unleash your imagination! EXPLOIT THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR SMALL PLOT • Grow up with a trellis or free-standing…