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While we love a hot Aussie summer, it’s autumn and winter that give us a chance to rug up and embrace our cold-weather passions. So if you’ve always wanted to whip up your own winter woollies, check out our 36-page Knitting & Crochet special, jam-packed with pretty and practical projects for all skill levels. There’s even a necklace you can crochet. So lovely! But that’s not to say you have to stay inside, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where mild winters make it the perfect time to put in some hard yards in the garden and backyard. Looking for inspiration? You could create space for vibrant veg (page 52), build an entertainer’s haven that’s small on space but big on ideas (page 92) or even…

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for the plant lover

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sleeping beauty

1 CLASSIC BEAUTY Create a soothing bedroom that’s resplendent in character and charm. You may need to go bespoke if you’d like similar panelled doors to help disguise your built-in wardrobe, and shop online for a quirky or similarly eye-catching vintage chandelier, but the effort is worth it. By downplaying the bed itself, these extra elements allow the room to sing! 2 ART IN THE BEDROOM Design houses are sifting through their old archives and reinterpreting heritage artworks with updated layouts and bold, saturated colours. It’s a masterstroke of design that brings art into everyday life. Silvana quilt cover QS, $329, 3 COTTON COVER Reminiscent of the chenille coverlets of old, this version is bang up to date and luscious when paired with clay accent bedding. Maya 100% cotton quilt cover QS in Caramel,…

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better decorating

LASER LOVE Lightweight and easy to install, these custom aluminium panels offer your outdoor area high-end style beyond ordinary solutions. DecoPanel custom laser cut panels finished in DecoVogue Earthy Ochre, POA, DECO, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE Do your bit to champion Australian-made furniture! Herringbone Buffet, beautifully crafted from silvertop ash, 180cmW, $3299. Visit Let’s get steamy… Fisher & Paykel’s Steam Refresh front loader washing machines (and dryers) will revolutionise your laundry! With the power of steam, you’ll be able to clean and refresh lightly worn garments quickly… and be kind to the environment by saving water, detergent and energy with fewer full-cycle washes. Visit Hello, Lola Add a dash of boho style to your living room or bedroom with the colourful and eclectic Lola feature cushion in Pink/Green/Navy 50 x 50cm, $49.95, PINK DIAMONDS! This chest…

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put orchids in your orbit

As orchids start to produce their exotic, sometimes quixotic, blooms in our homes and gardens, you can have them flowering for months, year after year, if you treat them right. They’ve thrived for tens of millions of years in the wildest of places, meaning their exquisite, delicate-looking petals are extremely tough. So don’t toss those little potted moths after they have finished flowering as you would bin cut flowers. They will flower again. Or, put other orchids in your garden for an annual show that will light up your winter days. PEST WATCH Look out for slugs, snails, thrips, scale and mealybugs. Spider mites love the leaves for spinning their protective webs.While it’s annoying for some, the best thing for most orchids is a lot of hot air! MAKE A TREE HUGGER “When mounting…

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taming your orchids

IN THE WILD many orchids are epiphytes or lithophytes and grow attached to trees or in rock crevices where they will absorb water and nutrients from the rain, air and plant litter. WHEN TAKING THEM OUT of their tropical or sub-tropical jungles, and especially if you want to grow them indoors, you become their source of food and water. TO GROW THEM INDOORS, plant orchids in a free-draining growing medium that doesn’t offer much in the way of nutrients but gives the orchid support. Don’t worry if the roots want to escape their pot. That’s what they do naturally. MOST ORCHIDS THRIVE in warm, humid conditions. And, while indoors is generally warm enough for them, airconditioning and heating dry out the air. To combat this you need to create a humid mini-climate for them…