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November 2021

BIKE is packed with road tests of new bikes and inspirational riding stories, with fantastic places, amazing races and extraordinary people. Created by a passionate and expert team of motorcycle riders, Bike makes you feel part of the amazing motorcycling world. Our three main areas of content are... Road tests: We ride and test all the latest bikes, from tourers to retros. Riding: We take motorcycles to the four corners of the UK, and the four corners of the world Extraordinary travel stories: amazing races, extraordinary events and astonishing bike people.

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Thrills don’t get much bigger, or bolder, and certainly not louder. A week living with this year’s latest, greatest supernakeds and my adrenaline gland has been given a thorough workout. Just peeking at the Triumph Speed Triple RS perched outside the kitchen window has my pulse racing. Normally I’d question the point of such wild bikes, but their magic is the way they bring the extraordinary into daily life. Genuine superbike performance and handling, but with happy wrists and shoulders. Edgy looks and addictive sound, yet delivered with civility. Supernakeds aren’t just for going fast (well, not all the time), they’re for injecting a shot of excitement into your commute, flooding your system with sensations, pulling you to the garage to just start them up and go ‘ooh’. Our celebratory test…

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team bike

1 Jamie Turner We asked Professor James Turner to write about his favourite engines from the past 50 years, analysis of the BMW Boxer has relevance to the new Moto Guzzi V100 too. Boxing Clever on page 26 2 Melissa Holbrook Melissa Holbrook Pierson is an American writer who’s book The Perfect Vehicle explains the appeal of the motorcycle. For us she’s explaining the appeal of the Moto Guzzi. Guided by the stars on page 52 3 Adam Shorrock Staff photographer on MotorCycle News, Adam took time out of the day job to deliver this shot for us, from up in the stands at Silverstone on a historic day. We love you Vale on page 68 4 Mat Oxley 30 years in the MotoGP paddock, a TT winner and World Endurance racer himself, but still obsessed with racers and the…

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5 bikes that really matter this month

[TRIUMPH SPEED TRIPLE RR] Triumph’s half-faired Daytona New Speed Triple RR is a sportsbike in all but name. But will it be too focused for the road? It’s called the Speed Triple RR but this new 1160cc Triumph is a full-on litre sportsbike with the lower fairings missing. With 178bhp, sporty riding position, track electronics and trick Öhlins, it’s the Daytona 1000 that sportsbike fans have been waiting for in all but name. Here are the key questions answered. Is it a Speed Triple RS with clip-ons? Not quite. Most of the bike is identical to the Speed Triple RS – same engine, frame, wheels, brakes, geometry and electronics – but besides those clip-ons, the RR gains Öhlins’ latest semi-active suspension, super-sticky tyres and a sprinkling of carbon. In the old days manufacturers turned their…

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braking news

[GOVERNMENT v MOTORCYCLING] ‘We need to act to save this’ Policy makers are laying the foundations for the demise of motorcycling as a leisure pursuit. MAG’s Colin Brown explains what we need to do Colin Brown is a worried man. As a director of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), his job involves talking to senior politicians and civil servants about transport policy and the message lately is very bad for bikes. ‘The major threat to motorcycling is now transport policy,’ he tells Bike. ‘When I sit in front of anyone who’s responsible for long term plans for transport they tell me it’s about walking, cycling and public transport and nothing else. At best motorcycling will be neglected, it’s most likely to be discouraged and at worst it will be banned.’ Can this really be…

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if it were my money…

Winter urban Yamaha T-Max » Upsidedown forks, twin spar aluminium frame, monoshock rear end, radial brakes, power modes, 562cc motor… with all that lot going on it’s no wonder it rides like a proper bike. Ace weather protection and waterproof storage makes it a cracking winter commuter. Futureproof Zero FXE » If your commute is less than 50 miles, a decent electric bike makes sense – it’ll easily handle the range, running expenses are negligible, and you set off each morning with full charge. The FXE is light (135kg), frisky and fun to ride. £12,300 isn’t barmy either. Summer urban Rebels Alliance 125 » What finer way to slice through summer city traffic than on a sorted custom commuter? Take an aging Honda CB125 to Rebels Alliance in London and they’ll turn it into precisely such a device.…

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garner faces years in chokey

» The former boss of Norton, Stuart Garner, faces up to two years in prison if a prosecution by the Pensions Regulator (PR) succeeds. Garner took money from pension funds that he ran and invested them in Norton, which is illegal. Michael Hayles, a senior pension lawyer for Burges Salmon, told Bike he expected the PR to make an example of Garner. ‘Investing pension money in just one business is a terrible idea,’ says Hayles. ‘You shouldn’t be risking people’s futures that way.’ [KIT, SORT OF] £10,000 for old boots... These are fairly special old boots though – the Daineses were used by Valentino Rossi for several races this year, which is of course his final MotoGP season. They were sold during the Day of Champions at the British GP at Silverstone and…