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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing 108 February - March 2015

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

CONTRIBUTOR – JESSICA HAYDAHL Jessica is a Vancouver native and has spent her life on the water, these days turning her experiences on the ocean into a passionate career behind the lens. Jessica aims to capture the awe-inspiring moments that people rarely see, such as jumping marlin. These moments, frozen on her camera, drive her to the world’s hotspots forever chasing that next great fishing shot. See some of her spectacular work at: www.jessicahaydahlphotography.com SUBSCRIBER: STEPHEN KATRAKILIS Although Stephen started gamefishing later in life he quickly developed a passion for the sport, and also for the art of lure making. He’s now fished in many tournaments along Australia’s eastern seaboard and particularly enjoys the social side of the sport. Nowadays restricted by Parkinson’s Disease, Stephen cannot handle a rod like he used to,…

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that glorious moment

Your first marlin is a major milestone, but for many of us that glorious moment comes at the end of a long road littered with episodes of anguish and disappointment. Billfish are masters of escape. Their physiology, feeding styles, size and power all contribute to the angling challenge. When using lures they regularly fail to hook-up – or hook-up only briefly, teasing you, firing your hopes, giving a taste of the excitement possible, only to throw the hook on their initial jumps. They also break lines, and many are lost during the endgame, right beside the boat, as you hold your breath with your heart in your throat, when you can almost taste success – only to be thwarted yet again. Some anglers take years to catch their first. I know many,…

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luna tags 23 black marlin in a single day

On 26 December last year Wayne and Sue Douglass, together with son Nathan and Scott Marks on deck, enjoyed an astounding day of light-tackle billfish action off Mooloolaba in south-east Queensland aboard their 35ft Bertram Luna. After arriving at a newly-found fishing ground at 7am they consistently tagged and released between two and four marlin each hour until the final fish just after 5pm when they ran out of tags. Steve and Debbie Dahl were fishing nearby on fellow club boat Bring It On and managed an impressive 13 tagged black marlin for the day before they too ran out of tags. With just the two boats out on the unfamiliar grounds they shared multiple raised fish all day and the Luna team succeeded with several double hook-ups. The baby black…

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the sport loses a leader

Although few readers would have known John Dunphy personally, you would very likely have been touched by the things he did. John had an enormous influence on the Australian and international fishing scene. John continually raised the bar – not just in tackle development, but in fields as diverse as fishing magazines, clothing, fishing rights, junior anglers, sponsorships and mass media. John Dunphy was a great thinker and innovator, with the perseverance, skills and connections to make his dreams come true. Always with a focus on the best of quality, John sought-out, developed or actually invented an extensive range of high-performance fishing and sporting products. He personally conceived the famous Baitrunner reel system and then worked with Shimano’s engineers to make it a reality. He was also behind numerous other refinements…

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an angler’s plea: save the pacific bluefin tuna

Last year I was awarded the world record for the largest Pacific bluefin tuna ever caught. However, with just four per cent of the population remaining, I could be the last angler to ever have a shot at that title. In February 2014 we were fishing on our boat Gladiator during the 8-day New Zealand National Fishing Competition. Most gamefish are tagged and released, but we still take a few fish for eating as well as records. Before boating my Pacific bluefin we had successfully tagged and released three striped marlin and six sharks. On the fifth day I hooked something very large just after nine in the morning on a trolled live skipjack tuna. About five hours later, with the help of our four-man crew and an anchor winch, my record-breaking…

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remarkable recaptures

Yellowtail kingfish have proven to be a popular species for the Game Fish Tagging Program this past season. More and more anglers are tagging and releasing these iconic sport fish, particularly in areas such as Port Augusta, South Australia, and Sydney. The number of fish being tagged has led to a consistent influx of recaptures, with many being recaptured and re-released within close proximity of their original release locations. Despite this, a small number were recaptured long distances from where they were originally released. One of these was a fish released off Port Augusta, South Australia, on 21 October 2013 by Adelaide Game Fishing Club vessel Like a Boss. This fish was recaptured and re-released approximately 387 days later off Coffs Harbour, NSW by keen angler Gerard Billing aboard Sticky Beak. The…