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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing 109 April - May 2015

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

CONTRIBUTOR: JOSH STUCKEY Josh has been fishing since he was six years old. He moved to Sydney in 1994, bought his first boat and began chasing all the gamefish that Sydney has to offer from his 4.6m runabout. With his pocket gameboat set up for fishing solo, Josh has chased marlin and tuna up and down the NSW coast. In 2014 he released seven marlin and landed a 76kg yellowfin tuna off Sydney, fishing single-handed. CONTRIBUTOR: BEN KNAGGS Ben was born in South Australia and his love of sportfishing developed from a very early age, evolving to become an obsession which would ultimately shape his life. Actively involved in fishing-related journalism from his mid-teens, Ben served as editor of Saltwater Fishing magazine for eight years. Having experienced many of the finest fishing destinations…

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the perfect gamefish

What is it that attracts you to gamefish? Is it simply that you’re an angler and gamefish represent the biggest, fastest and most powerful fish on the planet – and therefore the pinnacle of angling achievement? Gamefish are the special elite, with streamlining and musculature advanced far beyond the more mundane species. Many are stunningly beautiful, but within this group of athletes is a wide variety of disciplines. Some specialise in brute strength, others in endurance and tenacity. Some are sprinters while others are marathon runners. Still more perform spectacular aerial routines and some are simply heavyweights – the sumo wrestlers of the marine world. Of all these wonderful characteristics, what is it that appeals to you most about your favourite gamefish? Please email me, or contact me through Facebook as…

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tassie turns-on amazing action

The first rumours of the arrival of southern bluefin tuna started to circulate among Tasmanian anglers in late January. Leo Miller and Lochie Nichols, fishing on Leo’s boat ChoonaChasa, got quite a surprise while deep-dropping for swordfish on the 27th. Leo noticed a few small bites on his rig set more than 450m down and suspected that blue eye trevalla were attacking his bait. He wound in to find that a 25kg bluefin tuna had eaten his whole squid and hooked itself perfectly on his 16/0 circle hook! By mid-February, reports of southern bluefin were flooding in from southern Tasmania. Most of the early fish were taken well south, at the bottom of Tasmania in favourite haunts like Pedra Branca and along the southern coastline among the Maatsuyker Islands group. All…

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victoria’s best ever marlin fishing

In mid-February, a hot current delivered one of the best marlin runs in years down the NSW South Coast. It also flowed well into Victorian waters. Southern anglers were treated to a rare opportunity when 22°C crystal blue water brought with it an unprecedented number of striped marlin across the bottom of south-east Victoria. The waters off Lakes Entrance set the stage for the hottest marlin action Victoria has ever seen. A labyrinth of deepwater canyons lie 90km south-east of this beautiful coastal town, but the main action was well within the edge of the continental shelf. Lakes Entrance is the capital of the Victorian oil and gas industry, with oil platforms littering this section of the coast. It was here, some 65km offshore, around three platforms in particular that the action…

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join bluewater on a readers’ trip to canada for the biggest tuna in the world

This August, BlueWater will again host a team heading to Prince Edward Island in Canada for a week of spectacular fishing for the largest tuna in the world. You’ll enjoy six full days of incredible fishing, all set in idyllic surroundings and with everything taken care of. The tuna typically range in size between 250 and 500kg! To top it all off, how would you like to hand-feed them at the side of the boat? We’ve timed the trip to coincide with the annual herring run, and this time we’re fishing the western tip of PEI where they aggregate earlier in the season while the weather is calm and beautifully warm. At this time the fish are very likely to rise to the side of the boat, sipping chunks of herring…

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east coast billfish movements

Australia’s east coast has offered sensational marlin fishing over the past few months, and as a result has led to a number of interesting tag recaptures. A black marlin released on 26 August 2014 by Newcastle & Port Stephens club boat Megabite II, while fishing off Cape Bowling Green in north Queensland, was recaptured on 25 January this year off Broken Bay, NSW. The fish was originally estimated at 15kg and on recapture was approximately 22kg. The fish was recaptured by an elderly lady reef fishing for snapper in 80m of water, so gave her quite a surprise! The fish had made a (straight line) swim of at least 863 nautical miles in its 152 days at liberty. This is the tenth fish released off Cape Bowling Green to be recaptured…