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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing 112 Septebmer - October 2015

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

SUBSCRIBER: ROSS SIMPSON Despite running a sheep station near Dubbo in outback NSW, Ross has progressed from freshwater species to offshore gamefish, particularly since buying his Haines Hunter 680 Patriot, which he’s towed to many hotspots around Australia. One of his fishing highlights was catching marlin at Port Stephens with his three sons. Ross also achieved two personal-best captures recently, landing yellowfin tuna and a roosterfish on the BlueWater Readers’ Trip to Panama. SUBSCRIBER: TOM LEE Tom was born in Hong Kong, where he says his fishing was mainly for laundry that fell from the drying rack outside the window onto an unfriendly neighbour’s balcony below. Since moving to Sydney at age 12, fishing became a reality. Tom purchased a boat and now jigs for reef species as well as gamefishing for tuna…

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fast-track your results

Do you look at the fish in the photos of this magazine and wish you could catch the same? Do you head offshore not knowing exactly which way to head or what technique to use? And when a big fish does finally strike – after you’ve made a huge investment in time, money and effort – do they frequently get away? If so, you’re not alone. Successful gamefishing involves getting lots of little things right, and for most of us it can take years of trial and error before we gain those vital skills that produce consistent results. Over more than 40 years of deep involvement in gamefishing, I’ve seen fish escape in thousands of different ways, and each of these incidents provided a valuable lesson. Before BlueWater I spent 25…

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legendary capt ron hamlin joins new venture to maximise malaysia’s abundant sailfish

Kuala Rompin, on peninsula Malaysia’s east coast, produces astounding numbers of sailfish each spring and early summer. These billfish swarm through the usually flat-calm waters of the South China Sea between August and November chasing the billions of anchovies and other prey species that also migrate through these waters. Over recent decades the discovery of this phenomenal fishery has spawned a small though successful local charter industry using outboard-powered boats and techniques such as drifting with livebaits. They regularly catch multiple sails per day, but many have wondered how many could be caught using the advanced sailfish strategies developed at other hotspots such as Costa Rica or Guatemala. We’re about to find out! News of this Malaysian sailfish hotspot has fired the imagination of one of the world’s most legendary and successful…

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bluewater subscriber experiences cape verde marlin frenzy

I’m not sure who said that travel was about the journey and not the destination, but they’d obviously never travelled to Cape Verde. The 10 islands that form the Cape Verde archipelago are located around 450km off the west coast of North Africa. To get there from Australia required 2.5 days of flying, 28 hours in the air and four stopovers across four different continents – sometimes in questionable aircraft. Thankfully, the legendary charter captain Zak Conde was our guide, and he assisted us with every facet of the trip from start to finish. We soon found that it was well worth the journey. Cape Verde was nothing short of outstanding and the group experienced some of the world’s greatest blue marlin fishing. Catching multiple blue marlin each day is something…

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tasmanian bluefin well into off-season

This year’s tuna season in Tasmania delivered one of the best runs of jumbo southern bluefin in many years, with sizes anywhere from 60 to 135kg caught well beyond the usual end of season. Bluefin were widespread around the state, with some caught on the west coast, although the focal point for most gamefishing attention was in the south-east at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula. By late June it was thought the season was finally coming to an end, although an 85kg bluefin had been caught in early July, and a few days later an unusual event occurred on the beach at nearby Pirates Bay, providing evidence that there was still life left in the season. While fishing off the jetty in Pirates Bay, Michael Wiggins and his family were…

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world gamefishing loses a truly remarkable leader – paxson offield

Paxson Offield, widely known as ‘Packy’, possessed an inner strength that enabled him to accomplish many things. He was a master at uniting causes, a complex and highly accomplished man with a disarmingly kind and helpful demeanour. Before his passing in June, Packy was remarkably influential in the advance of scientific gamefish research, gamefish protection and the development of the sport of gamefishing. Some of Packy’s angling and conservation acknowledgements include the Rybovich Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 for his long-standing contributions to The Billfish Foundation, of which he also served as a Past Chairman. The Billfish Foundation acknowledged that his efforts brought attention to the billfishes decline before the International Treaty Management Organizations for the first time. Paxson’s induction into the International Game Fish Association’s Hall of Fame was most befitting…