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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing 113 November - December 2015

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

CONTRIBUTOR: JAMES IBRAHIM James’ love of fishing quickly evolved into a deep appreciation for fish, manifesting itself through his photography. A passionate angler for many types of fishing, James is just as likely to jump overboard and capture the action with his camera underwater as he is with a rod and reel on deck. He now works part-time as a doctor in Sydney, while dedicating the rest of his time to all things piscatorial. CONTRIBUTOR: JEFF WEBSTER Growing up with a family of keen trailerboat fishermen, Jeff spent his youth fishing NSW waters from Port Stephens to Bermagui, targeting marlin, tuna, mackerel and whatever else happened along. In adult life Jeff has forged a career in boating journalism, specialising in power trailerboats and small boat fishing. He has published a range of boating/…

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the exceptional exception

It’s easy to understand why most anglers hate sharks; they are the interlopers, turning up uninvited to wreak havoc on the party, stealing the catch once all the hard work has been done. Or taking baits unseen, they lead you to believe you’ve hooked the fish of your dreams, only to shatter it as the nightmare profile of an olive-brown hitman emerges from the gloom. But there’s an order of sharks that is quite different: the mackerel sharks. This family developed into some of the most streamlined and powerful gamefish on the planet. Makos, in particular, are exquisite creatures well worthy of a pedestal in the gamefish Hall of Fame. To regard makos as just another shark is akin to thinking of diamonds as just another rock. In reality, they are far…

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southern bluefin beyond dreams

Just when Victorian gamefishermen thought it was all over and time to sit out the off-season, the southern bluefin tuna returned with a blistering run of massive fish! On the back of an already productive jumbo- and school-sized tuna season, an unprecedented new wave of extra large, jumbo-sized tuna graced a broad span of the southern coastline throughout August and September. This run delivered amazing numbers of bluefin to a wide spread of the Victorian coast at the same time. In late winter and early spring there seemed to be 100kg bluefin caught on any given day, with anglers from Apollo Bay (only two and a half hours from Melbourne’s CBD) all the way to Portland in the south-west finding success. Early this season most tuna ranged from 40 to 60kg, which…

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hawaii’s fifth blue grander for the year

On August 26, Kona’s Northern Lights fleet boated two grander blue marlin within eight days, boosting the Hawaii fishing port’s total to a near-record five marlin weighing more than 1000lb (453.6kg) for the year. Since 1960, Kona’s charter fleet has met or surpassed five granders only three times. This year’s milestone now joins hot years 1986 (5), 1985 (5 including 1 black marlin), and 1978 (6). Northern Lights II (a 14.3m Buddy Davis) caught a 1075lb (487.6kg) blue on August 18 during the 25th annual TART (Tag and Release Tournament). With Capt Kevin Nakamaru at the helm and Kyle Vannatta and Mat Bowman on deck, angler Brent Nelson battled the big blue to the boat in about two hours. Ten days later, Vannatta and Bowman took Northern Lights I (an 11m Merritt)…

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longliner’s tagged tuna encounter

Last winter the NSW DPI Game Fish Tagging Program was contacted by a longliner deckhand who reported the interesting recapture of a yellowfin tuna 80 nautical miles east between Sydney and Port Stephens, during mid-August 2014. After landing the 50 to 60kg fish, the deckhand noticed nearly 3cm of tag exposed out of the tuna’s shoulder and removed it to report to DPI. Unfortunately, the recapture was forgotten about until the deckhand checked the pockets of his wet weather gear and found the tag during July 2015. DPI was notified of the recapture and we were able to track down the original release information. The yellowfin tuna had been released on April 28th, 2012 by Canberra GFC vessel Aquaholic II while fishing wide off Bermagui in southern NSW. The fish was…

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success at hibt due to aussie support

Since 2009 the IGFA’s Great Marlin Race (IGMR) has deployed an incredible 63 mini-PAT satellite tags during the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) that have produced invaluable data about the movements of blue marlin in the Pacific. For the first time ever, the tags deployed during this year’s HIBT were programmed to stay on the fish for 240 days rather than the 180 days in the past – which will hopefully increase the amount of data gathered from these fish. Ten more satellite tags were deployed during this year’s HIBT, thanks in large part to the support and contributions of Australian anglers. While fishing aboard Northern Lights with Capt Kevin Nakamaru on August 11th, Aussie angler Cherekee Hill caught an estimated 63kg (140lb) blue marlin that was then tagged and released…