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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing 114 January - February 2016

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

GFAA PRESIDENT: DOUG SANDERSON Doug grew up beach and reef fishing in Western Australia, but moved to Hervey Bay in Queensland nearly 17 years ago where he started gamefishing. For the past eight years he has been a Zone Representative for the Game Fishing Association of Australia’s Queensland branch, and was recently elected as the national President. Doug enjoys competing in tournaments and was a member of the champion team at the recent Australian International Billfish Tournament in Cairns. CONTRIBUTOR: CAPT CHRIS SHEEDER Chris was born in California, but grew up in Hawaii where an early experience with a grander blue set him on a lifelong billfish quest. He’s worked in several hotspots, but now runs a boat in Guatemala and has released 28,377 billfish. Chris set two world records for GT on…

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the game angler’s keystone

Luck is a wonderful asset to have working for you. When it’s running in your favour almost anything is possible. The record books are full of amazing captures that defied all odds. I’ve heard of large tuna that inhaled a bait, choked, sat stunned in the water, and were taken with hardly a flicker of resistance. I’ve also seen marlin take a bait and then swim to the boat, waiting at the transom to be similarly taken without resistance. In another ‘lucky’ catch I saw a 350kg mako shark taken by inexperienced anglers on 15kg tackle from a small, open aluminium trailerboat. It too put up minimal resistance and was soon boatside ready to be gaffed. Despite the potentially explosive and life-threatening situation they faced, the two anglers had also tied…

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jury still out on holding marlin before release

The practice of holding small billfish out of the water for a photo has continued to create controversy, not among animal rights advocates, but among the angling community itself. The recent appearance of large numbers of very small black marlin in Hervey Bay fired up some social media criticism of anyone posting a photo of themselves holding one of these beautiful little fish prior to release. The main objections are that lifting the fish out of the water will be a death sentence, either because the fish will suffocate, or succumb to the effects of removing body slime or internal injuries such as dislocated backbones or damaged organs. But is it valid to assume that marlin in particular are likely to die if held out of the water, even briefly? Thanks to…

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bigeye tuna caught on a sandflat – on fly!

As you’ll see in the special feature within this issue, the shallow waters of Queensland’s large and fish-rich Hervey Bay, bordered on one side by Fraser Island, often host a phenomenal event during the early summer months. Over the sandflats at the remote northern entrance to the bay you’ll sometimes find juvenile black marlin hunting in the shallows. In fact, a small group of in-the-know anglers chase them with fly tackle, casting to marlin from their small trailerboats and sometimes then landing them while standing on the beach! While finding a marlin hunting in just a few metres of water seems absurd, the annual southward migration of baby blacks are regularly found in prolific numbers close-in to the beaches along the outside of Fraser Island, so finding a few strays inside…

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new igfa chairman of the board

Following the passing of former IGFA Chairman Paxson H Offield, the Executive Committee of the IGFA held a recent meeting to select Charles W Duncan III as the new IGFA Chairman. Duncan had been serving as Interim Chairman since January of 2014, under the blessing of both Offield and the Board. The full Board will have the opportunity to ratify this decision at their next meeting this January. Hailing from Houston, Texas, USA Duncan will serve as the seventh Chairman of the IGFA’s Board of Trustees. A Trustee since 2009, he previously served as IGFA Treasurer and is the President of Duncan Capital, a private investment management firm. Duncan received his BA in Economics from the University of Virginia before earning an MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1986. An…

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after three years of longing...

Three years ago Chris Pucknell was a casual bottom fisherman living in South Australia, very content with a catch of snapper or whiting in Victor Harbour. Then he joined a live-aboard expedition to some offshore islands chasing yellowtail kingfish and small school bluefin tuna. That was his downfall; he was smitten with his first taste of gamefishing and ever since his weekend trips were never the same. He dreamed of big fish and testing battles. The intervening years delivered a few opportunities for Chris and he managed some encouraging captures, including southern bluefin up to 30kg when he towed his 5.5m Evolution trailerboat to the tuna hotspot of Portland, just over the border into Victoria. However, the really big fish continued to evade him – as he laments with stories like…