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BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

CAPTAIN: EDDY LAWLER Eddy may be only 28, but he’s already worked as a fishing guide for the past ten years. He started in Darwin, helping clients catch barramundi, before moving to Exmouth in Western Australia where he established Peak Sportfishing. In these prolific waters he’s developed a passion for billfish, and has developed new skills and considerable success. Eddy has won multiple awards from The Billfish Foundation, and his clients have released more than 1500 billfish. CONTRIBUTOR: MICAH ADAMS Micah has fished throughout Australia as well as in 20 countries around the world. He loves fly fishing for billfish, and has released more than 50 on fly, but is just as happy to fish tease-and-switch for them with spin tackle. Micah has written many articles, hosted numerous instructional DVDs, worked as an…

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life is too short...

I’m often amazed by how little most anglers are willing to spend on their fishing tackle. Considering the benefits that high-quality tackle will bring to your fishing, you really shouldn’t settle for anything less. After all, your outfit will see many years of service and you’ll need to rely on it every time you hook a big fish. Anglers will often spend a small fortune on their boat, yet baulk at spending a fraction of that on the equipment that actually makes their dreams come true. Your rod, reel, line, lure, hook and terminal tackle is what you actually catch the fish with. They form the link that connects your hands to the fish you are trying to catch. Everything else is simply the vehicle to get you out there or…

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game fishing association of australia disgusted over baitfish harvest management

Recreational anglers and the Australian community have expressed serious concerns over the management of the so-called super trawler Geelong Star. When this type of industrial-scale baitfish harvesting was first contemplated no-one believed it would actually be allowed. The then Minister for Fisheries Richard Colbeck was among those to provide reassurances that the large vessel could fish and travel within a massive area within the eastern and western waters of Australia without affecting anglers. Both the Geelong Star and AFMA have now informed us that, in fact, this is not the case at all, and with many types of area restrictions imposed the boat can actually only fish within the same areas gamefishing anglers use. There are now grave fears that the operation will severely deplete baitfish stocks, which in turn could…

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pulled-in on the leader

BlueWater subscriber Vaughan Little started this summer season very well. Before Christmas he was on the NSW South Coast catching marlin from his friend’s trailerboat at the significant reef structure known as the Sir John Young Banks. To any gamefisherman in this part of Australia, ‘The Banks’ is a very special hotspot and often you can find twenty to thirty boats crowded less than 50m apart. Using live slimy mackerel, Vaughan and his buddies aboard Trifecta had been catching up to five black and striped marlin per day, ranging in size from 25 to 150kg. On a morning destined to be long remembered they arrived on the reef to find a fleet of boats, with five of them already hooked-up and fighting marlin. Quickly dropping a livebait over the side, Vaughan immediately hooked…

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gamefishing runs hot in tasmanian waters

With this season’s early arrival of school bluefin just before New Year, gamefishermen all around Tasmania were caught off guard, but soon scrambled to get among the action. It didn’t take long for the solid wave of tuna to establish itself along the island’s east and south coasts. Eaglehawk Neck and St Helens were the main hot spots, however, many were also caught in between. Trolling was the most effective technique, although the tuna were so thick at times that some anglers caught them casting soft-plastics or stickbaits, and others were caught fly fishing. While reaching the two bluefin per person bag limit was previously regarded as a successful day, the bar has been raised this season as catching double figures of tuna is now considered normal. Some crews have reported hooking…

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blue marlin leads the way

This year’s IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) season includes all satellite tags that are programmed to pop-up between October 1, 2015 and September 30, 2016. A total of 63 pop-off satellite tags have been sponsored and deployed so far this race year. These were attached to 40 blue marlin, 14 black marlin, eight striped marlin, and one Mediterranean spearfish. The 20 tags that have surfaced so far reveal that these billfish travelled a total of 6187 linear nautical miles! The winners of each IGMR event are determined by the longest linear distance a billfish swims from the point the tag is deployed to the point the tag pops up. The overall winner is the sponsor of the marlin whose tag travels the farthest of all events in the race year. Currently leading the…