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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing February - March 2016

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

GFAA CONSERVATION: DR EVAN JONES Evan is a long-time member of the Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club, an IGFA Rep as well as the Conservation Officer for both the Game Fishing Association of Australia and Queensland GFA. As such he takes on many battles to enhance our fishing rights and protect Australian gamefishing, including current negotiations over Commonwealth marine reserves. When not tied-up with meetings, or practicing medicine, Dr Jones enjoys chasing marlin from his 28ft Albemarle. GFAA SECRETARY: PETER COOTE Peter runs a 40ft Precision gamefisher and is active in Australian gamefishing administration. He is currently Secretary of the Game Fishing Association of Australia, President of WAGFA and a life member of Perth GFC. He has fished all his life, gamefishing since the mid-1970s, including along much of the Western Australian and…

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face-to-face in their domain

“You don’t want to find yourself on the end of that spear – as a friend learnt the hard way.” Our Angles spread at the front of this issue features a young woman swimming with the tagged sailfish she caught moments before. The image captures that special moment an angler can share with their catch before setting it free. It is an awe-inspiring experience to be underwater with a big gamefish, observing it swimming in its own domain while you float comfortably suspended in a transparent and boundless blue realm. It’s a thrill that I’m able to enjoy all too rarely as I’m often in a tournament situation or a guest aboard someone else’s boat, but whenever there’s a chance I’m there, always eager to don a mask and fins and jump…

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capt brad philipps releases 30,000th billfish

On 28 November 2015, history was made when Capt Brad Philipps released the 30,000th billfish of his outstanding career as a gamefishing charter captain. Brad reached this astounding milestone after logging more than 1000 blue marlin releases, a couple of hundred releases for black, white and striped marlin combined, a few swordfish and spearfish, plus more than 28,000 sailfish releases. The majority of the sailfish were released from his 12m Gamefishermen Decisive on the prolific billfish grounds off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala where he runs his world renowned gamefishing charter business and lodge, Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures (www.guatbilladv.com). Brad’s 7-year-old-son Darren was given the honour of releasing his father’s 30,000th billfish. Together with his long-time deckies, Kennedy Hernandez and Jhonny Garcia, Brad’s team has accumulated close to 7000 combined fishing days off…

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largest blue marlin ever caught by a woman

Among anglers in-the-know, Ascension Island is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most promising fishing grounds for world-record-sized yellowfin tuna and Atlantic blue marlin. Due to its remoteness there is very little recreational fishing conducted in the waters around Ascension Island, but even so, this tiny island has accounted for half of the six known captures of Atlantic blue marlin weighing more than 590kg. One of them was landed by a lady on 27 November and is currently with the IGFA as a claim for the new IGFA Women’s All-Tackle World Record. It is the largest marlin ever caught by a woman. Jada Holt’s 591.93kg (1305lb) blue was hooked off Pilar Bay and took an Andy Moyes ‘XL Pusherman’ lure with a single hook on 60kg tackle. The enormous…

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ascension island to become a marine park

The BBC news service reports that the British government is to create a marine reserve of 234,291sq/km around its overseas territory of Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. It could be ready for formal designation as soon as 2017. The waters around Ascension Island hold some of the largest blue marlin and yellowfin tuna in the world, one of the largest populations of green turtles, big colonies of tropical seabirds and the island’s own unique frigate bird. Just over half of the proposed protected area will be closed to fishing. The fishery in the other half will be policed under a grant of £300,000 from the Louis Bacon Foundation. Dr Judith Brown, Director of Fisheries and Marine Conservation for the Ascension Island government, said: “The economic benefit from the fishery has…

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protecting victoria’s thresher sharks

Common thresher sharks are seasonally abundant and a popular gamefishing species off the southern Australian State of Victoria, where they bring considerable socioeconomic benefits to regional locations from Portland to Mallacoota. Although many anglers tag and release them, like makos, they are also highly regarded for their eating qualities. The listing of five species of shark (three thresher and two hammerhead species) under the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS) was due to come into effect on 8 February 2014, triggering their listing under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). If listed, it would be an offence for anglers to harm or injure these species, even when one was unintentionally caught while targeting other species. VRFish, the body representing Victoria’s recreational anglers, objected and sent a submission outlining…