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BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

SUBSCRIBER: JESSICA HORNHARDT 10-year-old Jessica lives in the north of Western Australia near the Dampier Archipelago, where she and her family often camp overnight on their boat before fishing light-tackle in the region’s gamefish-rich waters. Jessica is quite a master of light-tackle, having achieved numerous GFAA Small Fry junior records and tagging awards. She was the State Female Small Fry Champion for tag-and-release last year. Her most memorable catch was her first sailfish. SUBSCRIBER: LUKE DOLMAN Luke grew up fishing off Tauranga, New Zealand, where he now lives for fishing and diving – and his wife. As a member of the Tauranga Sports Fishing Club he enjoys chasing marlin, tuna and his favourite species, swordfish. Luke’s best day involved tagging a striped marlin, then boating a swordfish, followed-up with a catch of big…

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pressure test

Have you ever had a fish take your bait, briefly run with it, then reject it and swim away? It’s a frustrating experience, but Capt Peter B Wright’s excellent feature in this issue should prevent you from suffering those losses in future. It will transform the success of thousands of anglers who use rigged baits or livebaits, particularly for billfish. Free-spooling is a technique known and used by most anglers, but few do it as effectively as they should. Peter’s feature provides a clear image of what is actually going on below the surface, and these insights will make all the difference as you’ll now be able to envision what stage the billfish’s strike-and-swallow sequence is at – and then free-spool accordingly. It can be alarming to learn just how much pressure…

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fascinating facts about dolphinfish

Over the past 16 years, Don Hammond has run the privately-funded Dolphinfish Research Program in the US, conducting a focussed tagging program to learn more about this important species, so it can be better managed. Funded only through donations from caring anglers, clubs and charter businesses, Don’s research has already revealed a great deal about dolphinfish, such as: • Dolphinfish can grow as much as 6.35cm fork-length per week. • A dolphinfish can eat up to 20% of its body weight in a day. • They can grow to weights of 18kg within the first 12 months of life. • This species generally reaches sexual maturity at three to five months of age. • Very few dolphinfish live past two years of age. • The oldest documented dolphinfish was four years old. • Dolphinfish do not have eyelids…

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age of grander blue marlin

In rough seas and with no marlin door on the boat, it took them two hours with ropes and a block and tackle to haul the fish aboard. Now more than eight years later, through the development of new scientific techniques, Marvin’s fish was recently aged and is providing a fascinating insight into how long this species lives. Realising the rare opportunity for research when they caught this massive marlin, Capt Hennessy and his deckie Nate Varnadoe acted quickly to take size measurements and save the head to provide the National Marine Fisheries Service with highly sought-after data. Inside a marlin’s head is the key to answering the question of its age – its otoliths, or ear bones. These calcium carbonate structures, also found in humans, are incredibly tiny – the pair…

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australian tagging program

GOLD COAST BLACKS A juvenile black marlin released by Mooloolaba GFC boat Full Tin mid-February 2017 has been recaptured. Wade Blinco originally released the marlin (his first billfish) in excellent condition after estimating it at 125cm fork length and 18kg during a day’s fishing on ‘The Hards’ off Noosa, Queensland, with skipper Josh Walton. Fast forward to 17 December 2017 and Gold Coast GFC boat Mojo has managed to recapture the marlin some 308 days later while fishing in close off the Gold Coast. Mojo managed eight fish over the weekend and saw more than 30 black marlin during their three days on the water. The skipper of Mojo, Ryan Goding, managed to put another first-time billfish angler, James Saltwell, on to his first black marlin which happened to have Wade’s tag…

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igfa great marlin race

MARLIN RACE FROM LIZARD ISLAND AND RABAUL From September to December every year, huge black marlin return to the waters off Cairns, at the top of the Australian east coast. And for one week each October, anglers from around the world gather at Lizard Island for the Great Northern Black Marlin Classic – and a chance to catch a grander black marlin. Last year’s 31st Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic kicked off on 21 October. Each of the 21 boats was outfitted with a satellite tag for the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) thanks to the generosity of tag sponsors Peter Teakle, Ernesto Bertarelli, and Barry and Josh Shevlin. And the fishing did not disappoint – 18 of the 21 tags were deployed during the weeklong tournament, with some of the black…