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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing January - February 2015

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

SUBSCRIBER: PETER BABARSKAS Peter grew up in Perth, Western Australia and has been gamefishing for the past 30 years, predominantly with light tackle. He loves to chase new species and has caught 272 different species so far, including some Australian and world records. Peter has been a member of Perth GFC for 27 years, the state recorder 17 years and on the executive of the GFAA for 17 years, the last 11 as Records Officer. SUBSCRIBER: KEITH VALLABH Keith is a true blue Kiwi and has been fishing since he was 4-years-old. He usually fishes the North Island of New Zealand, with a focus on gamefish along the west coast. He also loves long-range boat trips to the Three Kings Islands. Keith has been a member and often on the committee of the…

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strike rotation

Gamefishing is usually a team sport, with different people playing a vital role – or sometimes several different roles – in the capture of each fish. Each role requires different skills and involves its own elements of risk and excitement. Over time, many of us develop specialties, and thus often prefer to restrict our fishing to a particular role. Some gravitate to the helm as captains, a role that usually entails strategising and hunting the fish. They long to see a fish hooked-up so they can charge their boat backwards, manoeuvring rapidly as water crashes against the stern. Others prefer the role of wireman, loving the face-to-face tug-of-war with a big fish. This too is a challenging role, requiring great bravery and a finely tuned blend of strength and delicacy. Efficient tagging…

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cairns game fishing club celebrates fifty years

The Cairns Game Fishing Club (CGFC), one of the most famous clubs in the world, celebrates its Golden Anniversary in January 2015. The club, which has had a significant if somewhat chequered history, was formed on 25 January 1965 at a meeting in Colonel Jim Gearing-Thomas’s Great Northern Hotel by a group of 30 interested local anglers. Jim Gearing-Thomas was elected inaugural President and airline captain David Hopton was appointed as Secretary. Daphne Nielsen, later one of the most important figures in Cairns and Australian gamefishing, fell into the Treasurer’s role, presumably because of her occupation as a chartered accountant. Her husband, Paddy, a very practical and hands-on man, was a rock for the CGFC and served with her on the committee for many years. The infant club had barely found its…

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igfa great marlin race

As 2014 draws to a close, the 2014/2015 IGFA Great Marlin Race season is just getting underway. Thirty-nine sponsored satellite tags are currently on marlin from six different events, with 10 more due to be deployed before the year’s end. In the 2014 Custom Shoot-Out in the Abaco Islands, Bahamas, a total of six tags were deployed on blue marlin weighing from 35 to 125kg (75 to 275lb) between 15 May and 20 August. None of these tags have yet reported, but the first is due to pop up in mid-November and the rest between December and February. At the 55th annual Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, a total of seven tags were sponsored and deployed on blue marlin weighing from 50 to 270kg (110 to 600lb). So far,…

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angler fuel for the festive season

It’s that time of year again when we’re likely to overeat at parties and functions, drink too much alcohol and be too busy for exercise (until we hook-up that is). If this sounds all too familiar, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) has some suggestions to help you maintain your figure and prepare for the summer gamefishing season ahead. TIP 1: DON’T SHOW UP ON ‘EMPTY’ Arriving at a party when you’re hungry can be a recipe for disaster. It’s all too easy to fill up on ‘extra’ foods like pastries and crisps before the main meal even arrives. Try filling foods at home before you head out – like fruit, a handful of almonds, or a slice of wholegrain toast with avocado. TIP 2: KEEP WITHIN YOUR (KILOJOULE) BUDGET. Christmas is a great…

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the billfish foundation’s lifetime conservation awards

The Billfish Foundation’s most prestigious award, the Rybovich Lifetime Conservation Award, is named in honour of the late John Rybovich, a pioneer in billfish conservation and sportfishing vessel design. This year’s honourees were selected for their outstanding life-long contributions to the progress of science and conservation relating to billfish. CM ‘Rip’ Cunningham of Boston, Massachusetts began 41 years ago as an Associate Editor with SaltWater Sportsman magazine where he educated anglers not only on fishing and boating techniques and products, but also on the importance of participating in fishery conservation and management processes. His commitment includes serving nine years on the New England Fishery Management Council where he currently serves as Chairman. “His commitment to sportfishing and conservation is exemplary,” says John Brownlee, TBF Board Member and the current Editor-in-Chief of…