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BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

CONTRIBUTOR: LEAH BAUMWELL, IGFA As the Conservation Coordinator for the International Game Fish Association, Leah is responsible for writing articles and helping to administer projects that support the conservation values of the IGFA. Her favorite project is the IGFA Great Marlin Race – one of the world’s largest billfish satellite-tagging research programs – because it affirms her passion for science, conservation and management of our marine world. Leah also enjoys traveling to worldwide fishing destinations. GAMEFISH ARTIST: NIC JOOSTE An amazingly talented metal fabricator and angler, Nic has a gift for sculpting astonishingly beautiful and anatomically-perfect life-size models of gamefish in polished metal. His 3D artworks – from sailfish and tarpon to swordfish, GTs and even bonefish – come to life in gleaming detail, sometimes involving hundreds of individual metal scale panels. Nic…

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i liked it so much...

BlueWater has entered a new phase in its development, and it’s very exciting. My first contribution to BlueWater appeared in Issue 13, and for Issue 52 I was appointed Editor. Now, almost 10 years after taking the helm for a large publishing corporation, my involvement in the magazine has ramped-up another notch. As Victor Kiam from Remington once said, “I liked the company so much, I bought it!” In March this year I purchased BlueWater from Nextmedia. This gave me an exciting opportunity to develop initiatives that we’ll begin to roll out in the months ahead. The first of these is a free fortnightly newsletter that will be emailed straight to your Inbox once you sign-up through the BlueWater website. Simply visit www.bluewatermag.com.au, provide your details and you’re set. Titled HOT BlueWater, the…

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victoria’s incredible swordfish run continues

Once word spread about the recent wave of swordfish captures off northeastern Victoria, deep-drop fever grew and the swordfish captures continued through May and June. Coastal towns like Mallacoota and Lakes Entrance have experienced an unusually large influx of anglers, adding great business in an otherwise quiet time of year. Anglers from nearby states are driving up to 18 hours for a chance to land one of these amazing fish – the holy grail of gamefishing. During the first week of May, TV fishing show host Al McGlashan teamed-up with Richard Abela, the pioneer at the forefront of Australian swordfishing, and now the coach and inspiration to an army of followers. Joining them for an epic day off Mallacoota was George Lirantzis and renowned rodbuilder Ian Miller. Ian realized a lifelong dream…

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tuna from a drone

On April 21, Jaiden Maclean and his brother Brody, together with angler Byron Leal and Nicholas Smith set the social media fishing world aflame when they posted a spectacular video showing their capture of a 20kg longtail tuna from Fingal Head beach, in northern NSW. The most amazing and controversial aspect of the capture was that a remote-controlled drone was used to find and film the tuna school from the air, then present the bait directly on top of them. While Jaiden piloted the drone into position from the beach 350 metres away, Byron stood beside him letting line stream out from his reel in free-spool as the drone carried his bait dangling beneath it. The drone’s camera linked a live view of what was occurring below to Jaiden’s control screen, so…

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afma clamps down on commercial fishing for gamefish

Australia’s Commonwealth-managed commercial fisheries are some of the most closely monitored in the world. This knowledge enables the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) to develop strategies to ensure that stocks like southern bluefin tuna (SBT), striped marlin and broadbill swordfish are rebuilt and continue to remain sustainable. Compliance and enforcement are an important part of AFMA’s fisheries management. As well as inspecting boats in port, Fisheries Officers also conduct operations at sea with the help of other law enforcement agencies. AFMA also conducts aerial surveillance of longliners to ensure they are deploying mitigation devices to minimise interactions with seabirds. While most commercial fishermen do the right thing, there is a small number who do break the rules. These operators are subject to various penalties, ranging from cautions and on-the-spot fines to prosecution action…

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cairns game fishing hall of fame – new inductees

The Cairns Game Fishing Hall of Fame will honour six new inductees during the week-long celebrations to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Richard Obach and Capt George Bransford’s historic capture of the first black marlin weighing more than one thousand pounds (453.59kg). That 1064lb black marlin was caught on 80lb (37kg) line on September 25, 1966, setting a new IGFA world record and igniting global interest in Cairns and its marlin. The phenomenal enticement that this catch generated is largely responsible for what has developed into a multi-million-dollar industry and a world-recognised dream fishery today. This year’s inductees will be Capt Peter Bristow, long-term deckie Billy Fairburn, Capt Vince Vlasoff MBE, and noted anglers and organisers Patrick Gay AM, Bob Lowe and Dr Dave Curnock. They are being honoured for their…