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BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

DECKIE: CHEYNE SALES Cheyne has fished his whole life, growing up in Coffs Harbour and Sydney before moving to the Gold Coast. He worked in construction until an industrial accident motivated his lifestyle switch to a professional deckie, as well as part-time with Peter Pakula making lures. Cheyne works with Capt Bill Billson and several other Gold Coast charter boats, and says helping anglers achieve a special catch is what inspires him the most. SUBSCRIBER: FINN BEIRNE With a maturity far beyond his 13 years of age, Finn grew up in Lae, PNG, although currently boards at TSS College on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Fishing with his family aboard their 57ft Sea Ray cruiser Sea Hawk is a big part of Finn’s life and already he is a highly skilled angler, having landed his…

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overcoming obstacles

Depending on your outlook, obstacles can be seen as either unwelcome frustrations or a challenge that, once overcome, will enhance your sense of achievement. Consider, what would a golf game be without bunkers, or a downhill mountain bike trail without rocks? And while surfing a glassy dawn wave may be an exquisite thrill, that experience is certainly heightened when the wave is breaking across a shallow rocky point, with boils and ledges forming as it sucks over almost-dry boulders. With the right attitude, difficulties can add to your fishing enjoyment too. Take the capture of an angler’s first marlin, for example. I’ve helped in many of these exciting events, but I believe the anglers that others thought of as lucky – having caught their marlin on one of their first trips…

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australian marine parks passed by government

After countless meetings and intense negotiations with successive governments over the past 12 years, the Federal Coalition Government’s most recent plan for Australia’s network of marine parks has finally been approved. Although strongly opposed by environmental groups that preferred the previous Labor Government’s ‘Lock Out’ policy, the Coalition’s Marine Park Management Plan is generally considered a great result by those whose livelihood or recreation depends on access to our offshore waters. For the first time, the Federal Government had the full support of all 11 crossbench senators. The right to fish the waters of the Coral Sea beyond the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park was the most contentious battle, demanding countless hours of political lobbying from devoted volunteers representing national and international fishing organisations, the fishing tackle trade, commercial fishers and other…

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australia’s marine park plans strike the right balance

After years of uncertainty and long drawn-out discussions, Australia now has a network of Marine Parks which acknowledges that recreational fishing and conservation are compatible. The disallowance motion moved by Labor’s Senator Pratt was defeated 28 votes to 34. This means the Marine Park management plans tabled by the government in April will soon take effect. We thank the members of the senate who supported these plans. This is a much better outcome for fishing, a much better outcome for the community and a much better outcome for the environment. It means we still have access to many of the iconic fishing locations in the Coral Sea and around WA, including the Rottnest Trench and Geographe Bay. The Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation will continue to work with the Government and Parks Australia to…

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bermuda blue marlin takes the lead

Mike’s tag popped up on March 12 this year after 234 days on the 115kg blue marlin, revealing a remarkable 2658 nautical miles (nm) travelled from Bermuda to a location three degrees above the equator and about 600nm northeast of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Not only did this fish win the 2017 Bermuda race, it is the longest distance ever recorded by an IGMR-tagged blue marlin in a race from Bermuda. Once the data has finished transmitting to Argos satellites, a track will be generated for the winning fish. It will be exciting to see if the winning blue marlin travelled through Cape Verde before heading south, a migratory behaviour we observed in a few of the fish tagged in the 2015 Bermuda IGMR. Interestingly, three of the other marlin tagged…

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marlin from a rubber inflatable

With such an outstanding marlin season down the south coast of NSW this summer, Georgia Poyner and her father were eager to get out among them – even though they fish from a 5.2m inflatable Zodiac with a 70hp outboard. As well as accomplished anglers, they are both experienced scuba divers and frequently dive around Montague Island and with large gamefish whenever they get a chance. Although there was a huge swell pumping down the coast after a Queensland cyclone, they set out across the Narooma bar and headed for the continental shelf drop-off, where the sea flattened substantially. They were hardly geared-up for marlin fishing, but were keen to have a look and perhaps drop into the water with diving gear if they found some action. What they found was a…