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BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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spring evolution

SPRING is a great time for review. It’s a natural time of change, a time when new life blossoms and everything becomes charged with the energy of new hopes and dreams. For many of us the looming summer is also peak gamefishing season, so spring is a time for preparations, a precursor for the action ahead. A periodical look at how things are done often helps to realign your focus and identify ways to make improvements, so before you start this gamefishing season give a little thought to how you go about your fishing. Sometimes a careful evaluation of your techniques or tackle will highlight ways to catch even more or bigger fish. It can also help to clarify the strategies to win that tournament, as well as ways to…

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new discoveries in the population structure of black marlin

Thanks to the help of the gamefishing community, new research has helped shed light on what is already known about black marlin. Previously it was assumed that black marlin were a single-breeding population throughout the Indo-Pacific region, centred on the Great Barrier Reef spawning ground. However, new genetics research has identified the presence of three separate populations of black marlin residing in the waters of the central Indo-Pacific. To tackle the problem of identifying black marlin populations, researchers gathered samples from juvenile fish throughout Australian waters with the help of gamefishermen. This was undertaken through a citizen science sampling program, with Samuel Williams, a research student from the University of Queensland, working closely with gamefishing associations, clubs and anglers to collect fin clips from fish, which were brought to the…

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rare butterfly mackerel for first gamefish!

Some fishing locations are so inspiring that you get an intangible feeling that anything could happen at any moment. The cliff edges around Eaglehawk Neck, in the south-east of Tasmania, are one such place. Fishing beneath the towering shattered pillars of rock along the stretch known as ‘The Lanterns’ can often feel like a different world. These cliffs plunge beneath the surface where the surging washes draw massive quantities of bait seeking shelter from the big predators lurking just outside. On 23 August, Dave Standing, Brendan Wing and Brendan’s eight-year-old son, Fin, set off for Eaglehawk Neck on their last trip for this year’s bluefin tuna season. It was a memorable day that included something completely unexpected. Their spread of lures had barely been out for 15 minutes when they…

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urgent recovery plan sought for bigeye tuna

The plight of bigeye tuna, one of the world’s most important fisheries, was highlighted in early August at the 10th meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Scientific Committee in the Marshall Islands. Australians consume over 40,000 tonnes of tinned tuna every year, almost all of which is caught in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. Nathaniel Pelle, from Greenpeace, said the organisation, along with scientists, has been raising the alarm about diminishing bigeye tuna stocks since 2006. The species is now down to just 16 per cent of its original population size – a level the Commission itself says is an unacceptable risk and one that would trigger a halt to fishing if it was an Australian-managed stock. However, despite knowing that these tuna are overfished,…

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the world’s first land-based marlin recapture?

This year has been reported as one of the best land-based marlin seasons, with estimates of more than 100 fish caught from the rock ledges at the entrance to Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast. Interestingly, one of these was a tagged fish; the first ever recaptured from the hotspot known as ‘The Tubes’ and perhaps the first tagged marlin to be recaptured from the rocks anywhere in the world? It was caught in late January by 13-year-old Gorkem Biyiksiz on his first attempt at marlin fishing from the rocks with his father, Tijay. Gorkem landed his marlin on the last of a 16-day fishing stint after it took a live slimy mackerel presented on 80lb leader (as they had run out of their usual 150lb). The fish measured…

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join bluewater on a readers’ trip to panama in may 2015

Would you like to explore the exotic paradise of Panama, catching huge yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, marlin, cubera snapper and many other amazing species? Well now you can, and it’s all been organised to make it simple and easy. Join BlueWater Editor Tim Simpson for one or both of two seven-night stays at the luxurious, award-winning Panama Big Game Fishing Club in peak gamefishing season. Join our team on your own, with your partner, or come with a party of your fishing buddies. It’s always a friendly scene. The first week runs from 9 to 16 May and the second from 16 to 23 May. You’ll be staying in air-conditioned comfort and be treated with chef-prepared meals and unlimited cocktails as you relax each evening in the hilltop infinity pool with…