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BlueWater Boats & Game Fishing November - December 2017

BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

DECKIE: RYAN THURNER Ryan grew up in Hawaii, catching his first fish at age 3. He’s now the deckie for Capt Marlin Parker aboard Marlin Magic II in Kona, but has also fished all over western USA, plus Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the North Island of New Zealand. Blue marlin are his favourite fish to chase, but one of his most memorable catches was the 166kg striped marlin he caught from a 5m boat. SUBSCRIBER: HEATH GREENE Heath grew up in northern California, dreaming of catching marlin and tuna. Then his family moved to Australia’s Sunshine Coast in 2006 and he’s since been able to chase billfish every month of the year. His favourite species is blue marlin, some of which he’s found unstoppable, although his most memorable day was when he…

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don’t miss your chance

Special catches come along when you least expect them. If you put in the hours, sooner or later you’ll hook something extraordinary. If you’re lucky, that big moment could happen on your next trip out. But will you be prepared? Each time you put a hook into the open ocean you have the chance to hook a world record catch. Whether you land that fish or not depends on a number of factors, and although some are simply a matter of luck, most are well within your control. Sure, some anglers manage to pull off incredible catches even with the worst tackle and the angling skills of a donkey – I’ve seen it happen – but do you really want to trust your big chance to that kind of freak luck? For…

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two great fishing lodges arnhem land

Fish Seven Spirit Bay/Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge on the same trip! As Seven Spirit and the Barra Lodge are both owned by Outback Spirit Tours, special “combo” packages are now available so that guests can fish and experience both locations on the one trip! Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge This magnificent resort has been completely refurbished by new owners, Outback Spirit Tours, and will be offering remote-area sportfishing tours in 2017-18. Location Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge is situated on the western side of Port Essington on Cobourg Peninsula in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, western Arnhem Land. Sportfishing seasons 2017-18 October / November 2017 March / April 2018 Fishing Lodge guests have access to a huge expanse of coastal beaches, headlands, offshore reefs, islands and a number of tidal creeks… this is a fishing paradise. Arnhem Land Barramundi…

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satellite track from 350kg-plus swordfish

In BlueWater issue 124 I reported on the April 5 catch and subsequent release of what is likely to be the largest broadbill swordfish ever released with a satellite tag. Paul Worsteling, who was in Tasmania filming for his iFish TV show, chartered young gun skipper Locki Nichols to fish out of Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula with the explicit brief of catching a large swordfish for tagging. Legendary US swordfish captain Nick Stanczyk and his wife Sara were also in town and brought their extensive knowledge to assist the project. The swordfish had been a little quiet for a few weeks leading up to the trip, but true to form, Locki found us a monster and after a five-hour battle, Paul brought the fish boatside and we quickly had the…

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trish simpson’s huge blue rocks hawaii

BlueWater’s own Trish Simpson – wife and business partner of Editor/ Publisher Tim – recently scored what is perhaps the largest blue marlin caught in Hawaii all year. Trish and Tim were in Kona on the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii for the prestigious Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) in mid-September, but a few days before the event they fished a day with friends Capt Marlin Parker and his fiancée Carol Lynne, along with talented deckie Ryan Thurner aboard Marlin Magic II. It was a typically calm and glorious day, made even better when Trish hooked-up on 60kg tackle at 8am, just a few kilometres from the harbour. The spirited 100kg blue took a Marlin Magic ‘Large Henry’ – the biggest lure in the spread – and put on a great show for…

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afma officers foil illegal chinese longliner

After fishing on the High Seas and then transiting through Australian waters, a Chinese commercial operation caught misreporting their take of southern bluefin tuna (SBT) has had all of its fishing licences terminated. It is now banned from engaging in deep sea fishing activities and has been fined US$300,000 by Chinese authorities. The sanctions handed down by the Chinese authorities demonstrate that cooperation and information sharing leads to action against illegal foreign fishers. The boarding of the Chinese fishing vessel, Yuan Da 19, by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) with the Australian Border Force (ABF) was conducted during a patrol to protect Australia’s gamefish in September last year. Following DNA testing of fish samples taken by AFMA during the boarding, it was found that the vessel had been catching SBT and…