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BlueWater magazine is dedicated to bringing gamefishers the essential cutting-edge wisdom on offshore gamefishing, boats and equipment. With stunning photography blended with exciting features from the world's leaders of the sport, we aim to deliver knowledge and inspiration that will make a real difference to the success and enjoyment of beginners and experts alike.

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who’s who

CONTRIBUTOR: CAPT KARL ANDERSON An avid outdoorsman based in Florida, USA, Karl is an IGFA Representative and an expert on fishing boats and equipment. His articles have featured in an extensive list of US publications and he has appeared in many US television fishing shows. When not writing or consulting to the fishing and boating trade, Karl captains the 22m Merritt Brier Patch and the 19m Merritt Saranita to some of world’s finest gamefishing destinations. SUBSCRIBER: JOEL RYAN Joel loves the challenge and teamwork involved in chasing big gamefish, especially from a small trailerboat. Over recent months he’s been targeting daytime swordfish off Victoria, and found himself featured on the cover of issue 117. Joel enjoys learning and refining new techniques, and says Victoria is fast becoming one of the most exciting fishing…

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lifelong inspiration

As a young Sydney schoolboy in the early 1970s I would eagerly await each new fishing magazine, then gaze in awe at anglers like Hollywood actor Lee Marvin beside the giant black marlin they’d caught off Cairns. The enormity of these fish, the magnificence of their beautifully streamlined bodies filled me with wonder. With the tingle of excitement bristling hairs on my neck, I imagined the incredible thrill of being close to such an extreme beast, separated from it and the deep ocean by merely the gunnel of a boat as it leapt alongside, its huge eye looking back while its broad, muscled flanks gleamed in glorious shades of silver, gold, black and rich cobalt blue. I imagined how daunting it must be trying to catch such a fish, its tremendous…

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The Platypus release of IGFA line-class braid is a huge leap forward for regulation gamefishing as it now enables you to target deep-drop swordfish, cast poppers for GTs, or jig for reef hoodlums and still be able to fish IGFA-regulation tournaments or claim line-class records. Last issue we invited BlueWater subscribers to enter action gamefishing photos in a competition to win a 1000m spool of Platypus Pre-test Braid in their choice of line class up to 60kg, with the winner being the entry that most inspired the judges. We received a number of excellent submissions, but the winning entry was received from BlueWater subscriber Daniel King from Cairns, who submitted this spectacular shot of a blue marlin being tagged mid-air as it leapt across the transom. This marlin was particularly special to…

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spectacular finalé for tassie season

Tasmanian anglers were again blessed with plentiful numbers of big bluefin tuna this season. The bigger tuna were concentrated along the south and east coasts, with most caught within 10km of the launching ramps at Eaglehawk Neck. Bluefin up to 140kg have been landed, and some crews caught multiple barrels in a day. Most weeks saw tuna of more than 100kg testing angler’s skills and producing stories of snapped lines, broken hooks and spooled reels on social media. In conjunction with these trophy fish, school bluefin have been plentiful all around the state, with many tuna being caught within 20km downstream from the Hobart CBD. In a rare event, massive schools of 15 to 25kg bluefin congregated at the mouth of the Derwent River and throughout Storm Bay. In early June a…

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the premonition

Around 5pm on Friday 15th July, BlueWater subscriber Robbie Adamo felt a fishing inspiration, so hooked-up his trailerboat Jiggy-Jig and together with his partner Amy Jobson they set off for Portland, near the Victorian and South Australian border. He knew he had to be back in Melbourne by 7pm on Saturday for a family function, but had a premonition of a big southern bluefin waiting for him. As they eased out of Portland harbour on Saturday morning, Robbie received a radio call from a friend who had found a massive school of baitfish under attack on the surface. There were seals, dolphins and birds in a churning mass of baitfish slaughter. Robbie just knew he was going to hook-up, but as he trolled from baitball to baitball he didn’t mark anything…

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