January 2022

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It has been quite some time since a brand new BMW graced the front of this magazine as our main cover car, however the iX is no ordinary new BMW. Like it or not, the shift to electric power continues to gain momentum with every passing month and in the iX BMW has set out its stall for the future. BMW Car’s resident road test guru, Shane O’ Donoghue, introduces his drive of this vitally important car by saying it is BMW’s ‘line in the sand between the past and the future’ and I have to agree with that analysis. In the iX we have the physical embodiment of BMW’s shift towards electric power and autonomous technology, if it gets things wrong with the iX there could be huge repercussions…

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all-new 2 series active tourer

BMW sold more than 430,000 first-generation 2 Series Active Tourer models, interestingly around 80 percent of those sales were to customers new to the brand. Off the back of those sales it will come as no surprise that an all-new 2 Series Active Tourer has now been revealed. The new model has been designed to run with a mixture of conventional combustion engines, hybrid or electrified drivetrains ensuring it will offer options for all types of buyer. The new model is larger than its predecessor – by 32mm in length, 24mm in width, and 21mm in height. The wheelbase is unchanged at 2,670mm, but its track widths have been increased by 25mm at the front and 26mm at the back. Initially customers can choose from two petrol engines and one diesel,…

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refreshed m135i xdrive

BMW has revealed a revised M135i xDrive which it says is now better honed for the track. The four-cylinder hatchback boasts upgrades to its chassis, a retuned soundtrack to make the driving experience more engaging, and new colours. The refresh comes ahead of a full facelift expected in 2022 and ensures that the model can keep pace with its rivals. Power remains the same at 306hp with 332lb ft of torque, M Sport brakes and 18-inch wheels together with a limited-slip differential remain as standard. The changes to the chassis include tweaks to the camber of the front wheels, which has been increased to better absorb lateral forces in the corners. A new hydromount is attached to the front suspension wishbones, while the mounts for the trailing and control arms at…

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remote software upgrade

UK BMW customers now have access to its third over-theair software upgrade – around two million BMW vehicles worldwide will benefit from the improvements. The upgrade is focused on the expansion of driver assistance functions, it also adds Spotify Podcast playlists functionality and a unique sound experience for the M3 and M4. Newly added features include the ability to avoid unnecessary steering interventions thanks to an improved Lane Departure Warning system on narrowing roads without centre markings. There's also a new Assisted View, and when Active Cruise Control is activated the vehicle recognises the situation around it in moving traffic – even in fog – adding more safety. Enhanced driver detection in the vehicle ensures the correct driver profile is loaded, no matter where the key located in the car. The new…

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bmw enthusiasts at 10

BMW Enthusiasts was formed in 2011 by a trio of – unsurprisingly – BMW enthusiasts! The group set out to add a more social dynamic to the internet forum scene, as forums faded from relevance the group migrated to Facebook and went global. Now boasting almost 2000 members, it organises regular trips to Europe's largest BMW event – Bimmerfest, and works in partnership with other like-minded BMW Facebook groups with whom BMW Enthusiasts happily co-exists. A bumper year was promised for 2021 as the group's 10th anniversary beckoned, and the timing created a perfect storm with the aftermath of Covid-19 allowing in-person get togethers to thrive once more. For much of its 10-years, BMW Enthusiasts has partnered with Barons BMW for the annual Drive Day at its Cambridge site. A variety…

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extinction rebellion

For better or worse the diesel car will soon be consigned to the history books, but no matter your view on whether that is a good or bad thing one fact remains: for decades some of BMW’s most popular models have been powered by the stuff. That’s never been truer than when it comes to the diesel Touring – powerful, economical, mile-munching diesel estates are an area in which BMW has, and does, excel – even today, when cars of that ilk are viewed as dinosaurs. Rebelling against the extinction of diesel is probably pointless but in the G21 M340d xDrive we have one of the all-time greatest derv-supping BMWs of modern times – a mighty swan song for the genre? Perhaps. Alpina’s G21 D3 S Touring – the first mild-hybrid…