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Boating NZ September 2020

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

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2 min
looking beyond round 2

As with many of you, I suspect, my world deflated in a rather predictable fashion with the recent introduction on lockdown Round 2. Here we go again – shadow-boxing in a mask against an alien, invisible enemy. And just when things were beginning to return to normality. Bugger. Magazine production has its challenges at the best of times – negotiating the hurdles and craters presented by lock-down adds multiple layers of complexity and quite a bit more grey hair. Still, we push on. So after fortifying myself with a glass or two of merlot, I gave myself a strongly-worded rev-up (also delivered to the moping dog). I resolved to embrace and celebrate the positives in my (our) world. And without looking too hard, there’s much to celebrate. For a start (and I hope…

8 min
boat world news

U-BOAT PENS BECOME ART A WWII GERMAN SUBMARINE BASE NEAR BORDEAUX, FRANCE HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO A VIBRANT ART CENTRE, DISPLAYING THE WORKS OF LATE 19TH CENTURY PAINTERS AS NEVER BEFORE. Established in June this year, the Bassins de Lumieères is the brainchild of Culturespaces – a French company specialising in creating digital art centres and immersive exhibitions – and the former U-boat base presented the perfect venue. Digital versions of famous paintings are projected on to the walls of the base’s vast concrete chambers (110m long by 12m high) – and they’re also reflected in the water. This adds a new dimension to experiencing art – particularly as the paintings are viewed against a backing soundtrack from the works of composers such as Wagner, Beethoven and Mahler. Visitors view the paintings from…

10 min
luxury chic

Smaller it might be, but the 64 SMY is still a big vessel by any measure. High, wide and handsome, it benefits from Riviera’s latest styling philosophy, notably the large picture windows in the hull almost at water level. They give the vessel a distinctive look from the outside and offer unrivalled panorama views from inside. Hull number one arrived in New Zealand in late June, on its way to its forever home in the USA. During its time here, the team at RMarine Flagship took the opportunity to introduce the new model to New Zealand customers and between viewings Boating NZ magazine stepped aboard for a quick run on the Waitemata Harbour. TWO-TIER COCKPIT This is an imposing vessel, the fully-enclosed flybridge towering above RMarine Flagship’s floating HQ at Westhaven. At night…

1 min
riviera and raymarine

Riviera fits Raymarine as standard to this range of vessels, citing the following advantages: • Ease of installation• Worldwide support• Matching brand qualities• The visual qualities that Raymarine brings to Riviera – Axiom XL displays – and Lighthouse operating system• The Raymarine technology experience mirrors what consumers experience in their homes, workplaces and cars. This includes Raymarine’s Augmented Reality (AR) & optics• Using similar optics technology, the system has the ability to be further enhanced by adding Docksense Alert & Docksense Control intelligent docking technology. Raymarine assisted docking products address the issue of boats becoming larger, but berth sizes remaining the same. The pinnacle solution is Raymarine’s Docksense control, which creates a virtual fender to protect the vessel while docking. THE BENEFITS OF RAYMARINE FOR THE OWNER/SKIPPER • Displays that are visually attractive…

14 min
anatomy of a rescue part 2

As planned, the first thing we did after jumping off the sinking Essence was link ourselves with our safety tethers so we wouldn’t be separated. The shock of cold water literally took our breath away. Then an incredible thing happened: an enormous albatross landed right beside us. Having this big bird sitting not much more than an arm’s length away was amazing. It had a long, hooked beak that looked powerful enough to rip me apart, but its head looked aristocratic and wise, caring and compassionate. I am a Christian, and it suddenly filled me with confidence that I was exactly where God wanted me to be. From then on it didn’t worry me whether I should live or die: it would be God’s plan for me. I didn’t see the albatross…

12 min
heavy-weather observations

SINCE ESSENCE’S LOSS I’VE REFLECTED LONG AND HARD ON WHAT WE DID RIGHT AND WRONG, OR COULD HAVE DONE BETTER, BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE EVENT. I SHARE MY THOUGHTS AND CONCLUSIONS IN THE HOPE THAT IT MIGHT HELP PREVENT, OR AT LEAST MITIGATE, ACCIDENTS LIKE OURS. CENTRAL TO THESE ISSUES IS THAT ESSENCE DID NOT HIT ANYTHING SOLID: ALL THE DAMAGE WAS DONE BY WATER. WE UNDER-ESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE OCEAN AT OUR PERIL. WAS THE BOAT FIT FOR PURPOSE? I’m not going to express an opinion on this point, but offer a few reflections. Essence, a Bavaria 47, was a purpose-built cruising boat. She’d coped well in 20 years of cruising the world but met her match in conditions not uncommon in New Zealand waters. She was certainly very well-equipped and…