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Boating NZ May 2021

Boating NZ inspires boating enthusiasts with reviews of new boats, coverage of technical innovations, maintenance advice, columns and cruising stories.

New Zealand
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grassroots in great shape

Any yachtie visiting New Zealand in recent months (assuming he/she managed to slip past Covid’s travel stranglehold) might have assumed that sailing here was solely about ultra-sophisticated America’s Cup foiling monohulls and very expensive superyachts. The truth, of course, is that while these exotic vessels are knitted into the rich fabric of sailing in this country, they sit at the apex of a pyramid with a very broad base. One that comprises thousands of dinghy sailors, all plying their trade with as much passion and competitiveness as the big guns. So it’s worth chewing over a little context and perspective: the big guns have only arrived at the apex because they were lucky enough to have been nurtured at dinghy nurseries operated by scores of clubs scattered throughout the country. The path…

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a rapture of rivieras support

In a show of support for ETNZ, a flotilla of 90 Riviera motor yachts with more than 600 Riviera family members and guests made for a spectacular sight as they steamed to the race track during the recent America’s Cup. The armada – one of the largest ever assembled in the 41-year history of Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder – was organised by New Zealand representative R Marine Flagship. Featuring vessels between 34 and 72 feet in length, the two-by-two configuration stretched more than 2km in length. Dean Horgan – dealer principal of R Marine Flagship – said it was a wonderful opportunity for Riviera owners to share such a great event with their friends. “We had an overwhelming response to this special outing – the largest gathering of Rivieras since our…

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travelling elliotts

Nearly 40 years after the launch of the first high-performance Elliott 5.9 trailer-sailer, a fleet of these responsive little dinghies is now on the road – once again making its way to a series of regattas around the country. The 5.9 Traveller Series is a well-established New Zealand event, and this year’s programme began in April at Lake Rotoiti, hosted by the Bay of Plenty Trailer Yacht Squadron. Four more regattas are scheduled. Penned in the early 80s by Kiwi designer Greg Elliott, the 5.9 was conceived to meet the requirements of the NZ Trailer Yacht Association’s rules at the time for boats under 6m. “The trailer yacht scene was extremely active then, and so many back yards had a boat being built. Trailer yachting was big right around New Zealand – you’d…

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for the eco-tourist

The creation of a Turkish team (Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio – HAADS) the Eco-Floating Hotel takes its inspiration from a vortex and works a bit a like a dynamo, spinning slowly in the tide/current, converting the rotational energy into electricity. This offers guests a constantly changing perspective – and no, the movement won’t affect those with delicate tummies. The hotel takes 24 hours to complete a full rotation. Created as a Five-Star facility, the 35,000m2 hotel will have 152 rooms. Each has its own balcony and within the structure are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, spa, gym and a mini golf course. The hotel is accessed in three ways: through a 140° floating pier; disembarking from boats; and by helicopter (the helipad’s on the floating pier). Though the first one…

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abba takes sealegs race

An ABBA-themed Sealegs raced its way into the winner’s circle at this year’s Onetangi Beach Races on Waiheke Island. The team – a new entry at this annual event – was joined by two regular winners: the pistol-toting Fisher family and the Burridge (as Team NZ, complete with ‘foils’). The Exhibition race invites participants to dress up (both themselves and their vessels) in a show of ingenuity and creativity. More than 140 Waiheke Island and Auckland Sealegs customers attended the event. As the home of over 110 Sealegs, Waiheke Island has the highest concentration of Sealegs per square kilometre anywhere in the world. Sealegs CEO David McKee Wright says, “the beach races have become somewhat of a tradition, providing owners an opportunity to gather together in one place and meet with other…