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Boating June/July 2021

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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At the sound of the text alert, I grabbed my phone. It was from Sue Whitney, our managing editor. She’d sent me some images from a photo shoot we’d organized for the towables roundup feature in this issue (page 90). I thumbed, scrolled and stopped cold—but only for a microsecond. Then I cracked a smile. I need you to understand something about photo shoots. It sometimes happens that the boat that shows up for one of our photo shoots is emblazoned with some message or another. I don’t mean the boatbuilder’s logo. I’m talking about a floating billboard. When this happens, I simply task our art director, Ryan Swanson, to use his skills with Photoshop and make the message disappear. So, when I scrolled through Whitney’s text and saw the boat with a…

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meagan ethell champion wakeboarder

How long have you been a professional wakeboarder? I turned pro when I was 15, so for over eight years now. What does it take to reach the top of your sport? It seems like working hard, being motivated, and constantly trying to improve my craft have been the perfect recipe for me to reach the level I’m at. How often do you practice? If it’s before a contest and in the height of the season, I’m out on the water about five days a week. Our sport has a lot of high intensity, so I try to give myself time to rest and recover as well. What kind of boat do you ride behind? I ride behind my MasterCraft XStar. It’s so rad to live on the lake and have my boat right in my backyard. You…

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engine cutoff switch

On April 1, 2021, a new federal boating-safety law went into effect, requiring mandatory ECOS use. What is an ECOS? It’s an engine cutoff switch (or ECOSL, engine cutoff switch link). Test your knowledge of this new law. —John Tiger (Answers on page 22) 1. Engine cutoff switches are mandatory in which situations? A. Boats with 115 static pounds of thrust or more (about 2 to 3 hp) B. Boats less than 26 feet long C. Boats operating above displacement speed (“on plane”) D. None of the above E. All of the above 2. Your boat has an ECOS, but the lanyard is broken and won’t attach to your life vest anymore. What should you do? A. Leave it on the switch; at least you could grab it and pull it, stopping the engine if needed. B. Go to your…

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69th edition of chapman piloting and seamanship

For boaters, the name Chapman is synonymous with seamanship, as countless mariners have referred to its book for guidance on navigation, boat handling and the rules of the sea. This October, Hearst Books will publish the 69th edition of the reference affectionately known as Chapman’s but formally titled Chapman Piloting and Seamanship. The latest updated version will include 1,500 color photos, charts and illustrations, tackling subjects such as day and night-time navigation, trailering, radio communication, line handling, understanding weather, and more. Even in this electronic age, a hard copy of Chapman’s is a must-have for any serious boater. Kindle ($19.99) and hardcover ($65) versions are available for preorder on amazon.com.…

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watersports flotation

FLOTATION BELT O’BRIEN HYDROSLIDE FLOTATION BELT WHY: Some old-school water-skiers still prefer the foam flotation belts because they are the least restrictive to wear on the slalom course and, of course, old habits die hard. They’re easy to put on and take off, and give the rider some buoyancy on a deepwater start without being too restrictive. WHY NOT: These are not Coast Guard-approved, and if you get injured or knocked out, you will float butt up. The Hydroslide’s suggested use is for water exercises, snorkeling, or taking a relaxing float in a lake or pool. PRICE: $19.99; obrien.com US COAST GUARDAPPROVED LIFE JACKET HYPERLITE DOMAIN WHY: Approved as a TypeIII life jacket, the Domain can be worn for watersports, and also for protection while on the boat or riding on a personal watercraft. This lightweight PFD features…

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operation wake surf

When we tested our cover boat, the Centurion Ri265, we were proud to note that it was being used as part of Operation Wake Surf (operationwakesurf.com). What is Operation Wake Surf? It’s an organization created to provide watersports experiences to our military veterans and first responders. Founded last year by Robby Maschhaupt in Charlotte, North Carolina, the nonprofit group works with sponsors such as Centurion, Roswell Marine, Monster Energy, and others to take first responders and military personnel out for a day on the water and teach them how to wakesurf. The combination of learning to surf and the healing relaxation of being on the water helps these groups deal with adversity, while also showing them respect for their work and saying thank you for their service. The group has taken veterans…