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Boating August/September 2021

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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trust or bust

With this issue, we’re introducing a new column, and also want to introduce you to a new columnist. Andrea Gaytan will pen Watersports for you in each issue, in addition to writing about wakeboarding, wakesurfing and related topics on both boatingmag.com and our sister brand’s site, wakeboardingmag.com. We developed Watersports to ensure we could provide you with a regular, knowledgeable and experienced voice to illuminate the athletes, sports, boats, gear and lifestyle that combine to comprise all that the column’s name includes. You’ll find Gaytan uniquely qualified for this role. She’s a retired pro wakeboarder, and so has competed at the highest levels. In fact, Gaytan was the first woman to grace the cover of Wakeboarding in April 1997. Additionally, she’s a founder of wakedivas.com, “a platform where,” according to the site’s…

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domenik hixon ex-nfl player and charter captain

You played for Denver, New York, Charlotte and Chicago. Did you have a favorite place to play? Coming out of college, I just wanted an opportunity, so I felt happy to play anywhere in the NFL. I played for eight seasons in the NFL. I was definitely blessed to be in the league for so long and spend so much time with a quality organization like the New York Giants. When did you decide to become a charter captain? It was an excuse to have a boat! After I finished up playing football, you try to make that transition to something else. I enjoy fishing and meeting people. As a charter captain, you need the right boat. What kind of boat do you run now? I run a 33 Contender with twin Suzuki 350s. For…

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trailering backup aids

So, you’re new at backing your trailer, and practicing in the driveway isn’t making you better at it. Most frustrating is aligning the hitch ball with the trailer coupler; it seems you’re always just a couple of inches off and forever getting back in the truck to move forward, backward or sideways just a bit. Not to worry—technology is here to help. If your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in backup camera with good visibility, here are three aftermarket solutions to help you with your aim. DRAW-TITE TRAILER HITCH ALIGNMENT SYSTEM PROS: How simple can it get? For the non-tech-savvy, two telescoping posts come with a high-visibility yellow ball on the top of each and a magnet at the bottom. Place one on the hitch just in front of the hitch ball and the…

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changing speeds

If you’re a professional drag racer who often exceeds speeds of 300 mph on the drag-racing circuit, what do you do to relax? For Leah Pruett, who drives an NHRA Top Fuel dragster for Don Schumacher Racing, relaxation comes from wakesurfing—so much so that she recently bought a Supra SL550 to take surfing when she’s not racing. What’s the appeal of going slow? “I can’t snowboard or ride my motocross bike because of fear of injury. With wakesurfing, if I fall at 11 mph, it doesn’t ruin my career,” Pruett says. But there’s more to it. “Wakesurfing has allowed me to feel the board and the wave. It has helped me become more in tune with my body, and therefore more in tune with my race car,” she says. To read more about Leah…

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Trailering is something most boaters have to do, if you’re not fortunate enough to live on the water or keep your boat at a marina. So, it’s necessary to have a safe trailer—one that fits your boat well, and is maintained and ready to tow—and that includes your tow vehicle, which is easily half the equation. How well do you know trailering safety and good towing practices? 1. What is the function of hydraulic surge trailer brakes? A. To help your rig stop when trailering by providing braking to the trailer wheels. B. To add complexity and maintenance to the boat trailer. C. To cause other boaters’ jealousy and angst. D. To meet state towing regulations where trailer brakes are required. E. A and D F. None of the above 2. What is the common color code for…

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sun stopper

Shirts that can protect you from the sun’s harmful rays are one of the best ways to avoid skin damage while keeping—and looking—cool on the water. The Zhik UVActive shirt delivers on both counts because it’s made of a moisture-wicking synthetic fabric that blocks 99.5 percent of UVA and UVB rays, providing protection beyond 50 SPF even when wet. The breathable polyester fabric is great for hot days on the water, keeping you from overheating while getting the job done. It’s also rugged enough to hold up to a day of rigorous activity on the water, and is snag- and Velcro-resistant. $44.99; zhik.com…