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Boating October 2021

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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what we’re all about

We take our job seriously. That means producing content that helps you more confidently buy, own and use boats. It’s the raison d’etre for our certified boat tests, in which independent performance numbers along with pricing, comparisons with similar boats, and our tech team’s opinion—honed by testing more than 100 different boats per year—combine to give you what we think equals the best boat test bar none. Of course, using a boat is a different matter entirely than buying one, even though one’s intended use bears on what type of boat might be chosen, and with what power and what equipment. If you start relating tips for fuel efficiency, for example, the focus for describing the qualities of a given boat’s fuel system gets lost. Not to mention the limited space…

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rusty van ranch

Like most people who know him these days, we discovered Rusty Van Ranch via social media. His creation of the Tugski, a children’s plastic tugboat sandbox propelled by a PWC engine, has gone viral, and we knew we had to find out more. Where did the concept for the Tugski come from? I saw a video where someone put a trolling motor on one of these sandboxes, and it looked pretty fun. So I challenged my brothers to see who could build the fastest tugboat sandbox. I have the tendency to go a little overboard (no pun intended). They forfeited when they saw me cutting a personal watercraft in half. What engine did you use? The drivetrain is out of a 1994 Yamaha VXR WaveRunner. It’s a 650cc two-stroke. What is the Tugski’s top speed? The…

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(Answers on page 30) 1. You’re considering a new 30-foot bowrider. Your power choices are twin sterndrives, twin outboards or triple outboards. What might you think about while considering your choices? A. Out boards are the rage today, even on larger boats. Go for the eggbeaters.B. Twin drives create less underwater drag and are less maintenance, than three; twins are likely the best overall choice.C. Careful study of available boat tests and fuel consumption is necessary.D. A and BE. B and C 2. What are some of the careful considerations to keep in mind when choosing a new outboard? A. It’s likely that the majority of service will have to be performed by the dealer. Make a careful evaluation and look at service reviews; pick a dealer close to where you boat, and make…

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seasickness remedies

DRAMAMINE THE CALM: A simple dose of over-the-counter Dramamine is the standby for boaters who are prone to getting ill on wavy days. It’s known and trusted by many to be effective in preventing seasickness if taken via pill or patch. The active ingredient, dimenhydrinate, is an antihistamine that helps reduce feelings of nausea and dizziness when taken properly. THE STORM: The original Dramamine is known to cause drowsiness. Must be taken in advance to work. PRICE: $10 for a pack of 36; amazon.com RELIEFBAND THE CALM: Want a solution that doesn’t involve ingesting something? This is a hightech wearable device that’s waterproof to IPX7 standards and is rugged enough to handle a marine environment. It works by sending pulses to the underside of your wrist to help calm your feelings of motion sickness, either…

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robalo r266 cayman

The new R266 Cayman from Robalo represents the largest model in the brand’s bay-boat line. But it’s more than an inshore fishing machine. With a HydroLift multiangle running surface, Kevlar-reinforced hull, deep padded midcockpit coamings, 110-gallon fuel capacity and power rating of 425 hp, the R266 offers offshore capabilities too. A hydraulic jack plate maximizes performance. A hardtop and three-sided glass windshield envelop the helm, which is wide enough for a pair of 12-inch multifunction displays. The leaning-post helm seat features a flip-up bolster. A 9-foot-4-inch beam lends stability on the bow and stern casting platforms. Crew can rest in the forward U-shaped seating nook with backrests to create a pair of loungers. There’s lockable rod stowage below. A double-wide seat folds out from the aft casting platform. The forward-opening…

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reward 17 sport runabout

Powered by a water jet and drawing just 11 inches (the draft spec is 10 ¾ inches), the Reward 17 Sport Runabout looks great and tops out at 50 knots (57 mph). It just might be the ideal beach boat. Power comes from the proven Rotax 1,630 cc (99 cid) ACE engine, a threecylinder, fuel-injected mill that makes 170 hp. For enhanced reliability in the salt chuck, Reward configured closed-loop engine cooling with raw-water exhaust cooling. The Intelligent Neutral Reverse (iNR) electrically controlled reversing bucket induces neutral and reverse functions and varies engine speed, and fast ratio steering is fitted. These and more add up to a boat that runs and handles as good as this sleek hull looks. Construction details include the use of vacuum-infused vinylester resin and a cored laminate—processes…