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September 2020

Magazine is about to explode with delicious models, they almost censored us, but they did not succeed. You will also find lustful stories and real stories, accompanied by topics of interest to men.

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prepare for a different summer with a few social contact

Summer is the warmest season of the year, it falls between the end of spring and the beginning of autumn, summer varies in the year in different countries. In the northern hemisphere, it happens between June and August; while in the southern hemisphere, it is between December and February. Countries like Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, and so many others experience summer from June to August while countries like Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Somalia, etc. experience theirs from the last month of the year to the second month of the next year. This season, we experience early sunrises and late sunsets which means longer days and shorter nights. There are so many ways we spend summer, sometimes we go on vacations to inns, spend time with extended families and friends…

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real estate: take advantage of the situation

The Real Estate industry like many other industries globally has seen a decline in growth in 2020. The harsh economic conditions compounded or caused by the COVID-19 pandemic which changed the way industries operate (social distancing and partial or total lockdowns) has resulted in meager purse for spending. In virtually all countries in the world, governments have had to step up to provide some welfare stimulus package to help its citizen navigate the difficult time. The Real Estate industry has arguably suffered a decline as a result of the drop in income of the general population. While Wall Street and Silicon Valley (the big players in e-commerce) are making a fortune for themselves in this pandemic, the bulk of the population isn’t enjoying similar results. Other critics disagree with this glaring assumption. They…

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the bright side in social life due to the covid era

With so many disease outbreaks in the course of human history, Covid-19 came to join the shortlist. This COVID era brought so many negative effects on every part of the globe, although there is a bright side to it. The negative effects (lockdown, hiked prices of material things) overwhelmed us from the moment of the outbreak, it took time to adjust but we are getting used to it. Our outward lifestyles may seem okay but deep down, we are tired of the pandemic. Even though some countries have returned to normal, we are still recording an exorbitant number of cases and deaths. However, there is a bright side to the social life of our battle with the pandemic. So many sectors in most countries have been improved. Professionally, companies and industries are practicing good…

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thinking more often for productivity: an article addressed to the entrepreneurs and businessmen

Productivity is the core of the business. If you want to run a business or you are already running one, without productivity steps, your business will not do as well as it should. Most small-scale business owners make this mistake, they do not invest money in productivity to keep the business running smoothly. The reason is simple, they do not see convincing reasons to invest money in productivity. It is more profitable to save the money than to put it in productivity in their estimation. Productivity is the high utilization of input volume (such as capital and labor) relating to the volume of output (products and services). For a business to be termed as productive, it has to utilize its resources to produce on an effective scale. A lot of businesses do not…

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ibiza, i ran out of condoms

I hate my job. I can't even deny that. It has got to be the most boring thing I've ever had to do in my entire life; sit behind a desk all and stare at a god-forsaken desktop. Sometimes I stare so hard it makes me see a desktop when I'm looking at the TV at home. I hate my boss, and the way he orders me around like I'm a child. I hate the way he makes me feel like this boring job is some sort of privilege I should be proud of. And that's the reason why I decided to take this vacation. Ibiza. Beautiful city. Beautiful women. It is the summer of 2019, and there is no other place I'd love to be than in this beautiful, crazy…