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Cars & Motorcycles

CAR May 2019

CAR is Southern Africa’s leading automotive-interest magazine – and has been since 1957. It’s aimed at petrol-heads of all ages looking for, expert reviews, road tests, driving impressions of the latest models available and great motoring content from the country’s leading motoring journalists.

South Africa
RamsayMedia (PTY) Ltd
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12 Issues

In this issue

1 min.
from the editor

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Welcome to the new-look CAR, neatly refreshed while retaining all those qualities you adore about SA’s most popular motoring magazine. So, what’s changed? The biggest visual difference is the typeface you’re looking at right now. Larger and with more breathing room, you’ll find it easier than ever to read the words the CAR team’s so proud to pen. Answering a call for easier-to-digest specifications boxes in road tests, we’ve enlarged those, too. These boxes contain the same wealth of performance test data which has set this title apart for nearly 63 years, but now you should find it a doddle to locate the information you seek. We’ve also updated the contents. The monthly motorsport feature moves forward in the magazine (page 112), the…

1 min.

Editorial EDITOR Terence Steenkamp Terence_CARmag SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR Ian McLaren IanM_CARmag ASSOCIATE EDITOR Gareth Dean GarethD_CARmag TECHNICAL EDITOR Nicol Louw NicolL_CARmag WEB EDITOR Ryan Bubear Ryan_Bubear ROAD-TEST ENGINEER Peter Palm PeterPalm12 FEATURES WRITER Wilhelm Lutjeharms WilhelmL_CARmag JOURNALIST Nikesh Kooverjee NikeshKooverjee PROOFREADER Margy Beves-Gibson EDITORIAL INTERNS Marius Boonzaier, Jarryd Neves CONTRIBUTORS Maurice Hamilton, Jake Venter, Gautam Sharma, Egmont Sippel,Tom Kirkpatrick, Kian Eriksen Creative ART DIRECTOR Chris Agenbag SENIOR DESIGNER Shereen Cheminais DESIGNER Dancus Kgole PHOTOGRAPHER Peet Mocke Digital GROUP DEVELOPER & SUPPORT MANAGER Cicero Joseph WEBMASTER Lizelle Leonard Sales SALES DIRECTOR Ryan Nicolle ACCOUNT MANAGERS Jean De Ridder, Ryan Kahn, Johann Hauptfleisch BUYERS GUIDE Joanne Thompson, Patrick Kennedy, Lindi van den Heever – Durban CAR DEALER SALES MANAGER Alain Simpson Marketing, events and circulation COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR (SHOW & EVENTS) Stephan Herman MARKETING & CIRCULATION CO-ORDINATOR Felicia Gertze GROUP EVENTS CO-ORDINATOR Nasreen Salie ADMINISTRATION CO-ORDINATOR Malika Davids SUBSRIPTIONS OPERATIONS Karin Mulder…

1 min.
winning letter

GRADE SIX … AND ALREADY AN EXPERT For the 12 years of my life, cars have been my main interest. I don’t know anyone my age who knows more about cars than I do. That’s all thanks to my favourite magazine, CAR, which is also one of my companions at school. If you’re wondering how, here’s my story. I’m home-schooled and in sixth grade. Every morning, a tutor comes to my house and, whenever she’s late, I read CAR at my desk. The other day, she was late, so I began reading until she arrived. For English, we were doing magazine articles. As part of the lesson, I had to read a magazine feature. So, without hesitation, I picked up CAR and read a special feature, Creative rides. Ever since I’ve been…

6 min.
over to you...

Please include your physical address and telephone number. Diverse ideas and opinions are welcome but publication of your letter doesn’t necessarily mean we agree. Please stick to a maximum of 300 words. CAR reserves the right to edit and shorten letters owing to space constraints. ANALOGUE vs. DIGITAL Reading about the latest specifications in luxury and lower-rung cars, I’m amazed at the speed at which automakers are ditching the wonderful, visually pleasing analogue instruments of yesteryear. I’m reminded of my 1985 Opel Kadett GSi with its fancy digital speedometer, which lasted only a few years before Opel switched back to analogue items. A further point to my argument is the rate at which automakers have forced the buying public away from manual gearboxes. I had similar reservations about this trend a couple of years…

1 min.
race horse

FRANKEN-HORSE The F8’s powerplant is a patchwork of performance tech from its special-series stablemates. A modified version of the 3,9-litre twinturbopetrol engine lifted from the 488 Pista utilises intake systems from the even more hardcore 488 Challenge, resulting in improved airflow to the engine, plus greater power. S EXPRESS Like the 488 Pista before it, the F8 also utilises the F1-inspired S-Duct front-splitter arrangement. This setup gulps the air in front of it to generate 373 kg of downforce, pressing the F8’s nose into the tarmac for greater front-end grip at high speed. PLASTIC FANTASTIC Round back, the F8 proudly showcases its powerhouse V8 through a high-strength window made of Lexan, a component of bullet-resistant glass, which has been louvred to aid engine-heat dissipation. The classic quad-roundel brakelamp arrangement crowned with a low-profile spoiler and…

1 min.
future suvs

01 A PEEK AT PAJERO? With the ancient Pajero soldiering on into its 13th year on (and off) our roads, Mitsubishi has decided it’s time to preview the future of its rugged stalwart in the guise of the Engelberg Tourer Concept. Named after a famous ski resort in Switzerland, the Engelberg showcases a bold new design direction for the company and a plug-in hybrid powertrain comprising a heavily revised version of its longstanding 2,4-litre petrol four. With an operating range of 700 km, the Engelberg would be a perfect choice for out-of-town excursions to places with no charging infrastructure. 02 LAGONDA ALL-TERRAIN CONCEPT With an interior echoing that of a luxury yacht and curvaceous crossover styling, the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept is a step closer to the reality of an electric Aston SUV. An…