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Caravan and Outdoor Life

June-July 2020

Specialist travel writers produce colourful articles on touring southern Africa by car, caravan and motorhomes. The magazines covers tourism destinations with feedback from readers experiences. There is new product, tips and advice and reviews on the latest gear that will add pleasure to this lifestyle.

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South Africa
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interesting facts about vultures

• Over the last 10-15 years, modern technology has enabled the ability to conduct extensive movement studies of vultures across east and southern Africa. These studies have shown how incredibly mobile vultures are and that some individuals can cover several 100km in a few hours, crossing international boundaries at will. The fastest recorded speed that a tracked vulture has been recorded at was just under 120km/h. • Most African vultures lay a single egg and raise only one chick during a rather long breeding season of approximately 7-8 months. In southern Africa, most vultures breed at the start of the dry season (April/May) and the chicks fledge in November/December every year. The exception here is the Bearded vulture which has been recorded regularly laying two eggs, of which only one chick…

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transkeion the fly

When the call came in from a fellow journalist, that his doctor had suggested he not travel due to a recent op, I had about a day to get everything prepared for an adventure to the Transkei Wild Coast. This meant throwing clothes together, charging camera batteries, getting itineraries, making phone calls, and printing maps, as well as organising our long-term Isuzu D-Max double cab and collecting the Invader Quattro off-road caravan – kindly loaned to us by Dan at Invader. There is nothing like a short-notice travel trip to get your engine firing on all cylinders. With a quick stopover for one night at Steenbokkie Nature Reserve campsite in Beaufort West, we drove straight through the following morning to reach the Morgan Bay campsite at 17:30. This was the starting…

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lagoon and beachfront bliss

On my arrival at Morgan Bay Campsite, it was clear right from the start as to why this is such a popular outdoor venue. The campsite is set against the scenic backdrop of the Inchara Lagoon and has large trees that offer lots of shade to campers. Lush, green grass is found underfoot, so prepare to dump your shoes – going barefoot is the order of the day. The beach is literally on your doorstep, or should I say tentstep. To give you an idea of the close proximity of the calm lagoon waters, many of the campers were fishing from chairs right in front of their tents. Now that’s what I call the best of both worlds, you can braai and fish at the same time! If you’re lucky,…

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conservation the endangered vultures

Rating: The conservation of vultures in Africa is generally regarded as high priority, although limited resources are made available to assist with this important work. Did you know that vulture populations have declined by an average of 68% across all species over the past 30 years? A group of African vulture experts conducted and published an analysis of population trends for all African vultures in 2015 and this is what they found. Some species such as the White-headed vulture, Rüppell’s vulture, White-backed vulture and Hooded vulture are now listed as critically endangered by the IUCN Red List for threatened species. The Cape vulture, Lappet-faced vulture and Egyptian vulture are listed as endangered species. That means that seven of the 11 species of vultures found in Africa are listed as either endangered or…

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13 top tips for outdoor accessory maintenance

You certainly don’t want to arrive at your holiday destination only to find your gas bottles are empty, the tent has been chewed to heavenly holiness by marauding mice, and you left grandma napping in the caravan when you put it out to pasture at your local Storage Land for the winter season. Not only will she be very, very angry that her whisky has run out, but your holiday will be spoiled by the fact that you did not get your gear … into gear, so to speak. Don’t put off giving your gear, caravans, and trailers a good once-over and a quick refurbish where needed before you venture on Here are our 13 top tips to keep your outdoor gear right and ready • Service your caravan and off-road trailer…

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having a problem? got some advice?

Make the outdoor life more enjoyable by sharing your camping problems, questions and opinions, and raising topics that can improve things for everyone. Our print and digital community is a great place to swop tips, get advice, and find answers to your caravan and camping questions. We have genuine experts and very experienced readers who can offer advice… and like all campers, we really like to help each other! The quickest way to get in touch with us is via email: clinic@caravansa.co.za If your prefer to write in: ‘Clinic’ C/o Caravan and Outdoor Life PO Box 31062, Tokai, 7966 @caravanoutdoorlife Or join the discussions and get the latest news on our forum: www.caravansa.co.za Congratulations to Wayne Holt whose letter wins them a set of Fiamma Levellers. Available at Motorhome-World (www.motorhome-world.com).…