Choosing a School for Your Child VIC Issue #33 2020

When it comes to education, we all want what’s best for our kids. Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal and can be daunting. In Choosing a School for Your Child we aim to make this process as simple as possible. These days, choosing the right school is more than simply choosing between co-educational or single-sex, government or independent. Other factors to consider include educational options, the school’s philosophies, religious affiliation, the co-curricular programs and much more. Some schools are noted for their sporting and musical programs, while others have a strong vocational emphasis. Some make involvement in community service compulsory, while others offer an extensive range of languages and international exchange programs. Our regular features detail everything that a parent needs to know about the NSW education system and the HSC, RoSA and the IB. In order to keep you informed and up-to-date, we have compiled a series of articles that address important issues. Our comprehensive listings highlight information about government and independent schools in Victoria, divided by location for easy reference.

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from the editor

Who could have predicted that 2020 would turn out quite like this? As I write my editor’s letter and complete this issue, the world and Australian schools are still in a state of chaos thanks to COVID-19, and have been for much of 2020. In a very short time, the school experience changed beyond belief and at an unprecedented pace. Although the various states and schools adjusted to the situation in different ways, many parents have had to not only work from home, but also home-school their children using a variety of technologies. In addition, students have missed out on excursions, sport and assemblies and, for Year 12 students, the highly anticipated end-of-year events such as graduation ceremonies and formals have had to be cancelled. Principals and teachers are to be…

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which school is right for your child?

Schools vary greatly in their philosophies, subject range, staff and, of course, cost. Choosing a school is no longer dependent on a preference for private versus public education. These days, many other factors must be considered, such as a school’s specialisations, location and extra-curricular opportunities. Here in Australia, we are fortunate that our education offerings are of a high quality and we have a large range of options from which to choose. There are, however, so many variables, made even more complex by “league” tables, which are sometimes published in the media and list the top-performing schools. Some parents may find themselves being influenced by a table that ranks the state’s best schools according to VCE results, or by the rankings on the government’s My School website, which allows parents to…

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from primary to secondary

The transition from primary to secondary school is never easy. Everyone has endured it, or will eventually, at some point. This is why it is vital to prepare your child for the inevitable but, in doing so, it is important to encourage eagerness and a willingness to learn so that your child will not only have a successful transition, but also a successful time in secondary school. When you compare the excitement-filled last days of Grade 6 to the nervous first days of Year 7, it can be terrifying for any 12- or 13-year-old, especially when they go from pure comfort within their friendship groups to anxiously trying to find new ones. Added to this is the pressure of new modes of transport, figuring out their new timetable, knowing where each…

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moving forward in the face of adversity

Lots of ink has been spilt this year focusing on the impact of COVID-19 upon schools. School closures, fear of infection, remote learning and questions about when to go back to normal school life have all filled the airways and the pages of our media. What can be missed in all of this is the reality that school life continues. Contrary to some belief, schools did not shut down, rather they nimbly moved from one way of doing things to another and back again. This reminds us, if a reminder has ever been needed, that teachers are indeed hardworking and very clever people. At Yarra Valley Grammar, we, like schools throughout the state, continued to deliver an outstanding education and a very high level of care … just in a different…

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a century of educating young women

In February 1920, eight young girls entered a hall at St Mark’s Parish for their first lessons. The modest school had been established with only $1000 by local parishioners and their vicar, Reverend Hubert Brooksbank. Fast forward to 2020 and that school has evolved to become Camberwell Girls Grammar School — one of Australia’s leading independent schools for girls. While times have changed, principal Debbie Dunwoody is proud that the school’s foundations remain the same. “We have always looked forward and educated students for the times, and our headmistresses and principals have all been women who wanted to prepare young women for the future,” she says. “Our commitment to academic excellence and valuing and fostering a love of learning has always been a strong focus. Similarly, our motto is ‘Utilis in Ministerium’…

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thrive at tkis

A majority of the graduating Class of 2019 at The Kilmore International School scored an ATAR above 90, and 30 per cent scored an ATAR of 95 or more. Almost 90 per cent of graduates received at least one university offer from The Group of Eight (Australia’s leading research universities), with 48 per cent receiving a first-round offer to The University of Melbourne. Of course, education is more than academic achievement. Although academic results such as a high ATAR might give you an interview or university offer, to get the job or make a difference, you will be someone who can think critically and creatively, speak and write persuasively, adapt to new challenges and collaborate with and influence others. TKIS strives to deliver these personal and socials skills through “managed independence”. Such…