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Classic Car Buyer is Britain’s leading weekly newspaper for classic car enthusiasts. On-sale every Wednesday, it is packed with the biggest and most comprehensive news section plus auction reports and events - anything related to the classic car scene, you can read about here first. In addition, you’ll also find in-depth features covering all aspects of owning a classic car – buying, maintaining, driving and – crucially - enjoying. There are comprehensive buying guides, informative road tests, a nostalgic pull-out spread depicting a scene from the halcyon days of motoring, staff car sagas, guest columnists, market reviews, a detailed club directory and a regularly updated price guide. The publication is also packed with hundreds of cars and parts for sale in its Free Ads section, making it THE place to buy or sell your classic. There is a dedicated classifieds spread on classic commercial vehicles and machinery. Classic Car Buyer provides the best insight into bread and butter classics – every week! Edited by John-Joe Vollans, it is backed by a hugely knowledgeable team who have had years of experience running their own classics. That combined with an unending enthusiasm.

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That BMW has come out, if somewhat clumsily (see page 8), and called its E65 7-Series a classic is yet another reminder of the passage of time. It’s 20 years old now, and so are many other cars reaching landmark anniversaries this year, just as they did last year, and the last. Are these cars too new? Perhaps right now they might seem it, particularly since the art of surrender seems to be the preferred school of thought for designers these days. What’s the difference between a Continental GT of 2003 and the latest one? Not enough to make a classic, at least. But there is big change already under foot. Electric power and even the rethinking of transport infrastructure is on the horizon. Car design will change, probably quite dramatically, and…

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revs returns to ease lockdown

Another lockdown means our classic fix has to go virtual, but the award-winning REVS social media series is back to do just that with another Facebook get-together this Saturday (January 23). Called REVS Origins, the event encourages people to tell stories of where it all began, whether that be the start of their own automotive passion, the love for a particular vehicle, the history of a brand or the life of someone who has changed the motoring landscape. Launched last May by Bicester Heritage Chaplain, Adam Gompertz, the REVS Limiter Facebook group has fostered an inclusive online community of over 6200 members and has provided something of a mental health lift in these challenging times. REVS Origins will be the fifth event so far and invites simple video contributions that can…

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insurance still valid?

New stories have circulated suggesting that motorists taking unnecessary journeys during lockdown could be invalidating their car insurance, but according to Heritage Insurance that’s not the case. The government has issued guidance on travel making it clear people should only be leaving home for certain purposes. But having looked in more detail at the rules and spoken to insurance partners, Heritage have concluded that insurance won’t be invalidated if a journey doesn’t meet the criteria for essential travel. “If you are driving within the terms of your policy and need to make a legitimate claim for damage, theft or injury, there is no reason for the nature of your journey to prevent that claim from being processed as it normally would be,” read the firm’s blog post. But just because it won’t…

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classic renaults to be reinvented?

Renault could reinvent classic models like the 4 as electric cars to turn its fortunes around, according to reports. New boss Luca de Meo, who was given the top job at the troubled French giant last year, has been working on a new business plan to boost sales and reposition the firm. Renault has already announced 2 billion euros in cost savings and job cuts in its bid to improve margins and boost the group’s performance in an auto market hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Reuters, citing two sources, states that de Meo’s turnaround plan will lean on Renault’s French heritage by reviving at least two classic nameplates. They are set to include an electric reinvention of the legendary 4, launched 50 years ago this year. An electric version of the…

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famous circuit goes green

The rooftop test track atop the former Lingotto Fiat factory in Turin – famously used for the chase scenes in The Italian Job film – is to be repurposed as a garden. The famous Via Nizza building has been transformed into a shopping centre and hotel since it was closed as a car factory in 1982, but the iconic track has remained as a petrol head destination – until now. ‘Sky Drive’ will open on July 4. Developed in conjunction with Fiat by a team of specialists led by the architect Benedetto Camerana, the project covers 27,000 m2 of pedestrian walkways, driveways and gardens. It draws its inspiration from New York’s High Line Park, the green redevelopment of the elevated railway line in the Big Apple. It’s poised to become the…

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new vat charge on eu imports

New rules in the Brexit agreement will see classic cars imported from the European Union to the UK remaining duty free but they will now face an additional five per cent duty charge. Previously, cars that crossed the Channel did so with no duty or VAT added while the UK was still part of the EU. Boris Johnson announced the long-awaited Brexit deal on December 24, saying that he had given colleagues something for Christmas that they would be able to read in that post lunch lull. With the transition period ending at 11pm just seven days later, there has been lots of pressure from car manufacturers and importers to avoid a 10 per cent duty charge on brand new cars. Depending on complex rules of origin regarding the parts used…