Classic Motorcycle Mechanics January 2021

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good riddance, 2020!

I’m sat here, it’s early December and if I’m quite honest, I’m happy to see the back of 2020. Now, as 2021 marks my half-century of life on this planet, I’m not usually one for wishing my life away, but the sooner we get to 2021 the better. Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has hit us all in some way – for some in the ultimate way as we’ve either been laid low by it ourselves or we’ve lost a loved one. It’s hit some of my friends in other ways too. I’ve seen first-hand how the various lockdowns, both nationally and locally, have affected those amongst us who are more gregarious, those that need to ‘get out there’ and experience some human contact or social interaction. Of course, lots of us get this from…

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the desired ducati…

Is it really 30 years since the first Ducati 888? A machine which (for many Ducati aficionados) is better than even the sublime and beautiful 916? The 888 was, perhaps, the first expression of Ducati’s two V-fingers to the might of Japan before the 916’s arrival, which arguably led to Ducati’s domination on track in World Superbike racing. The 888 was a logical progression from 1987’s 851, a machine which kick-started Ducati’s fortunes on the racetracks of World Superbike. The machine itself was a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected development of Ducati’s air-cooled machines, but with Massimo Bordi’s head design, featuring Desmodromic valve actuation, where valves are closed by cams, not springs. The rules of World Superbike for the first seven years stayed the same: four-cylinder 750cc machines of 165 kilos versus twins of 1000cc and…

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the latest riding kit, top tools, tyres, retro clothing and more !

HJC RPHA 90S ‘Modular’ is the popular term for a helmet that does two jobs: that of an open faced and full-face lid! This is the reinvented RPHA 90S which looks like a full-face helmet (and is modelled on their RPHA 11 race lid), yet functions as a modular helmet. It’s homologated as either, has a sun visor, is anti-fog and anti-scratch and has the ‘RapidFire’ visor replacement system too. Being a very useful touring sorta lid, it’s handy that it’s also ready for the SMART HJC Bluetooth communication system – sold separately, batteries not included, etc. ALCOSENSE BREATHALYSERS Now, we know that we bikers don’t drink and ride – it’s hard to swing a leg over anything after even a single eggnog, but – what about the morning after? We are big…

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riding kit ridden in, tools twirled and tyres tested

NISHUA ENDURO CARBON HELMET When I first saw this helmet I loved the styling, but when I tried it on, I was very disappointed with the fit. That, however, changed as I put some miles on the lid. It looks good, it’s light, but the initial fit… I am a medium, but I popped this lid on and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of trying to fit a pint into a half pint pot. By that, I don’t mean the usual ‘snug new helmet’ feeling, the whole shell just felt very snug around my noggin, and was a stark contrast to most other lids I’ve worn… but the good news is, I got used to it and it bedded itself in. I rather enjoyed the simplicity of the helmet. It came with an…

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dirt bike date move!

The UK’s biggest and best classic off-road show is getting a new date for one year only, as the scene aims to fight back against the Covid-19 pandemic. Normally held each February, the Classic Dirt Bike Show in Telford will switch weekends to May 15 and 16 for 2021. Given the continued uncertainty surrounding the path of the pandemic and the immediate future of events with indoor content, organiser Mortons Media believes the best way to ensure that the UK’s biggest and best off-road show can go ahead is to run it later in the year. The whole events team looks forward to welcoming you to the show in 2021… it’ll just be a little bit warmer than normal! To find out more please check out the website…

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bristol show date change

Just like the Classic Dirt Bike Show, the Bristol Classic Bike Show – traditionally a season curtain raiser for us classic fans – is (for one year only) switching to a new summer date to try and beat the Covid-19 pandemic. Usually held in February at the Royal Bath & West Showground in Somerset, the 2021 event will be at the same venue, but switch weekends so it’s held on July 24 and 25. Given the continued uncertainty over the pandemic during the winter, and the immediate future of events with indoor content, organiser Mortons Media believes the best way to ensure that the South West’s biggest and best classic bike show can go ahead is to run it later in the year. Hopefully these changes will be for 2021 only, but…