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Classics Monthly March 2020

Each issue is packed with the best down-to-earth advice, useful specialist information and news based on realistically priced classic cars, which will inspire you to buy, repair and restore your own classic cars. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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It takes me about 15 minutes to walk into the centre of town from home. On one recent stroll to the shops with some copies of the magazine to post, I was paying more attention than usual to the cars which drove past me. There were a number of reasons for this. One was that I am incurably addicted to any kind of transport, ideally with wheels but essentially anything with an engine will do at a pinch. A second reason was that I had just sold my Herald, and despite taking this drastic step because I wanted to reduce the number of cars in my care, I don’t ever seem able to sell one car without immediately considering a replacement. This tied into the third reason – for the first…

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golden arrow display grant for beaulieu

The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu has been awarded £74,527 by Arts Council England to reinterpret Land Speed Record-breaking icon Golden Arrow, using computer generated augmented reality and historic collections to enhance engagement for visitors. The distinctive 1929 Golden Arrow was a harmonious blend of technology and design, producing a masterpiece of Art Deco expression which paved the way for two decades of unbroken British record-breaking success. With Major Henry Segrave in the driving seat, this arrow shattered its target and set a new Land Speed Record of 231.36mph. Today, Golden Arrow is on permanent display in a multi-media presentation which also features its record-breaking stablemates the 1920 Sunbeam 350hp, the 1927 Sunbeam 1000hp and the 1960 Bluebird CN7. This project, The Golden Arrow – Shot from the Past, Aimed at…

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silverstone classic 2020

Silverstone Classic is the world's biggest classic motor racing festival, with an unrivalled feast of dedicated retro races, massive eye-catching car club displays and glittering on-track parades that in recent years have been saluted with multiple Guinness World Records. Even by those lofty standards, 2020 is revving up to be an extraordinary year, not least as the Classic itself will be celebrating its very own 30th birthday. It's all happening on the weekend of 31st July-2nd August, and as part of these celebrations a special 30th Anniversary Celebration package offers all owners of pre-1990 classic cars the opportunity to purchase two adult weekend tickets, a vehicle display pass granting access to a dedicated anniversary infield display area, and a special anniversary track parade on Friday on the Silverstone Grand Prix…

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lancia heritage parts

MOPAR, alongside Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Heritage, has enriched its genuine parts range by launching a heritage parts department dedicated to its classic cars, thanks to the tracing of original equipment. Beginning with one of the icons of FCA history, the first parts available focus on the Lancia Delta Integrale and Integrale Evoluzione, using the original materials to produce front and rear bumpers. The bumpers are created through the use of four pieces of original equipment that were found abandoned at the San Benigno plant. Having undertaken extensive maintenance to check all moving parts as well as electric and hydraulic circuits, the equipment is now used to mould the bumpers. They will be priced from £1170 for the front bumper and £1035 for the rear. All parts are street legal and can…

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sva news

A TRUE STORY… CHRISTMAS BY LAMBORGHINI! Our first news item for 2020 features the true story of Sterling Backus and his 12 year-old son Xander. For almost two years they have been building a real-size Aventador SV replica in their garage in Erie, Colorado, USA, using a 3D printer. A few days before Christmas father and son opened the garage door and found a real, black Aventador S instead of their replica model. Having proven with their project to be the most ardent Lamborghini lovers, they got to drive the car for some days and enjoy their very own Aventador S compliments of Lamborghini. Q: I own a classic/collectible car AND my everyday car, how come most classic insurers don’t do BOTH on a single policy? A: The SVA have 2 specialist insurers…

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morgan's epic indian adventure

Last issue we were treated to a feature on a Morgan 3 Wheeler, in which we learnt just how limited the luggage space could be in such a vehicle. That did not stop the owners of our featured car from taking it on lengthy trips to Europe, but one couple is planning an even more ambitious adventure – the Morgan Motor Company has given official backing to 73-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist Alan Braithwaite and his wife Pat, who plan to drive their Morgan 3W on a 3500-mile, 33-day journey around India on the Trans-India Challenge. The Challenge aims to raise £200,000 to support Indian aid NGO Goonj, and fund academic research into Goonj’s ‘circular economy’ model. This sustainable approach recycles urban waste to use as ‘currency,’ rewarding rural communities for improving…