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Coin Collector Issue 6

Coin Collector gives you all the information, news, expert advice, market insight and inspiration you need to build your coin collection and get the most from your hobby. Every issue features in-depth collecting guides giving you the lowdown on coins from a wide range of periods and location, from Viking and Roman coins to the latest coins issued by mints around the world. Each issue includes the unique and popular ‘British Numismatist’ section, bringing you the latest discoveries, exhibitions, theories and literature from the academic world of numismatics. Written by authors, curators and learned experts, the pages provide an academic yet still accessible take on the hobby.

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Some collectables bring together beautiful designs, others focus on historical items, many are pursued for their rarity or value, some are just plain fun. Coin collecting is all of the above and much more. There are few hobbies that reflect so many different aspects of our world, from conflict to craftsmanship, politics to Paddington Bear! Take our in-depth guide to provenance marks in this issue (page 66) for example. Show any of the featured coins to a non-collector and they may recognise the monarch’s portrait and the period in which it was issued, but would they notice the often subtle marking that points to the origins of the metal used to produce the piece? Would they know that these marks echo dramatic stories of battles at sea, of slavery and colonialism,…

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meet the experts

Eleanor Ghey Dr Eleanor Ghey is Curator: Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards at the British Museum’s Department of Coins and Medals and is responsible for reporting on Iron Age and Roman coin hoards found in Britain for the Treasure Act, such as the The Beau Street Hoard. See our interview with Eleanor on page 42. Kevin Clancy Dr. Kevin Clancy is a numismatist and the Director of the Royal Mint Museum. He is also Secretary to the Royal Mint Advisory Committee on the Design of Coins, Medals, Seals and Decorations which advises the British Government and Crown on the designs of coins and has written a number of numismatic books. Paula Hammond Paula Hammond has worked as a publisher, copy-writer, ghost-writer, author, and journalist. She has written over thirty fiction and nonfiction books as…

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coin collector editorial board

Tony Abramson President of Yorkshire Numismatics Society Jonathan Callaway is a Director of the International Bank Note Society. Lawrence Chard Founder and Expert Numismatist, Speciality Sovereigns Elizabeth Cottam Specialist in Celtic coins and Director of Chris Rudd Ltd Jeff Garrett US coin dealer and board member of the Smithsonian Museum of American History Richard Kelleher Assistant Keeper, Department of Coins and Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge Jonathan Mann Numismatist and coin dealer, British coinage specialist Rory Naismith Lecturer in Medieval British History, King’s College London Anglo-Saxon and Viking coinage: Gareth Williams Curator of Early Medieval Coins and Viking Collections at the British Museum…

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international event examines future for circulating coins

A new conference, set to be held in Rome this month, will examine the future role and challenges of circulating coins, with experts noting that rising material costs, hoarding, the removal of low value coins, and the growth of e-payments and contactless cards are ‘chipping away at the use of coins for low value payments’. The fifth international Coin Conference, being held in Rome from 14 to 16 October, will look at how the production and circulation of coins can be optimised to ensure their continuing role in the cash eco-system. Central banks and issuers will join mints and suppliers to discuss and share ideas in a series of sessions covering key aspects of the worldwide circulating coin industry, including maintaining public confidence, the merits of new technologies for greener and…

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royal mint launches year of the rat coin

The Royal Mint has launched a commemorative coin in a variety of denominations to mark the start of a new Lunar cycle in 2020. The Royal Mint have issued coins to celebrate the ancient Chinese custom since 2014, by marking each Zodiac symbol on a coin as part of The Shēngxiào Collection which, The Royal Mint explain, ‘has grown to become an eagerly anticipated annual event amongst coin collectors across the globe.’ The commemorative coins are available in a range of precious metal and for the first time in a Brilliant Uncirculated finish. The coin design comes in denominations of £2 (One-Ounce Silver Proof Coin), £5 (Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Coin), £10 (Five-Ounce Silver Proof Coin), £25 (Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Coin), £100 (One Ounce Gold Proof Coin), £500 (Five-Ounce Gold Proof Coin), and…

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news in brief

Jersey and Guernsey have issued new 50p coins to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the 50p. Only available as a pair, via the Westminster Collection (www.westminstercollection.com), the cupro-nickel coins are available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and replicate the designs of the Channel Islands’ first year of issue coins from 1969 but show the date 2019. Due to a lack of demand for the coins, The Royal Mint did not issue any 1p, 2p or £2 coins during the 2018-19 financial year. According to reports, this is the first year since 1972 that 1p coins have not been entered into circulation, with up to 100 million new 1p coins being issued in previous years. Pobjoy Mint have announced the release of a series of four coins on behalf of the British Virgin Islands…