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I’m always asking my friends and relatives which areas of computing they would like to know more about. Whenever one says of a particular subject “I just don’t know where to start”, I make a mental note that Computeractive could come to the rescue. Nothing befuddles them more than the countless possibilities provided by TV streaming. There seem to be more devices than programmes to watch on them, and enough services to fill several app stores. In this issue we aim to clear the confusion, making it easier to choose what’s best for you. In case you’re interested, I currently use a Roku box and Google Chromecast, subscribe to Netflix, watch programmes on Kodi, and stream Sky to my tablet. It’s all a long way from the small black-and-white TV my…

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nhs hacked: world needs a ‘cyber police force’

Security experts have called for a “global cyber police force” to fight the kind of huge ransomware hack that disrupted the NHS and thousands of other business and organisations worldwide. Professor Mark Skilton of Warwick Business School said that an international effort would “help manage these escalating threats with the right level of specialist skills”, and that technology companies shouldn’t be left to “sort it out for themselves”. He said the scale of the ‘WannaCry’ attack showed that we are in “open full scale war with the criminals”. Microsoft responded to the attack, which targeted computers running Windows XP, by repeating its call for a ‘Digital Geneva Convention’ to establish international standards for fighting cyber warfare. In a blog post (www.snipca.com/24385) Brad Smith, the company’s President and Chief Legal Officer, said: “The governments of…

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microsoft replaces windows movie maker

Microsoft has finally announced a replacement for Windows Movie Maker, which the company stopped supporting in January. Called Story Remix, it’s a desktop app that turns your photos and videos into ‘stories’ with their own soundtrack, theme and effects. Once the stories are finished the app lets you put them on YouTube, Facebook or OneDrive, or share by email. The app, available now to Windows Insiders signed up to the Fast Ring, will launch fully as part of the Fall Creators Update in the autumn. This update will build upon the features added to the first Creators Update, which was released in April. Other new tools include ‘Timeline’, which shows you apps on one computer that you were using on another, making it easier to switch between a laptop and a PC, for example.…

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isis-supporting ‘cufflink terrorist’ jailed for eight years

An ISIS-inspired terrorist who stored extremist content on USB cufflinks has been jailed for eight years. Samata Ullah, 34, of Cardiff, admitted to being a member of so-called Islamic State, as well as taking part in terrorist training, preparing terrorist acts and possessing articles for terrorist purposes. When police raided his home in September last year they seized 150 digital devices, including laptops and phones, and 30 pairs of metal cufflinks (similar to those pictured) containing tiny USB sticks. In total the devices held more than 8TB of data. One USB contained a ‘wish list’ to boost the ISIS cause. This included chemical weapons, viruses, cyber warfare and translating a US manual on rocket engines into Arabic. It also had back issues of ISIS’s propaganda magazine. Ullah, a British citizen of Bangladeshi origin, was…

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‘switch off’ your bank card to fight scams

Barclays has become the first UK bank to let users ‘switch off’ their debit card in order to limit the damage caused by fraudulent scams. Customers can use a new option in the Barclays Mobile Banking app (www.snipca.com/24307, pictured) to disable their card, preventing scammers from using it to make purchases online or over the phone. It will also help customers who have lost their card, but are sure it’s not been stolen. Instead of going through the hassle of cancelling their card, they can temporarily disable it until it’s found. The app also lets customers set their own daily withdrawal limits for cash machines. These new features are part of Barclays’ £10m Digital Safety campaign to fight fraud. As well as adverts to raise awareness, the bank will set up a new police…

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in brief

GOOGLE UPGRADES 32BIT CHROME Google is in the process of upgrading the version of Chrome that some people use on their computers. Anyone running the 32bit version of the browser will see it upgraded to 64bit, provided their Windows computer is also 64bit, and has at least 4GB of memory. Google said the move is to “improve stability, performance and security”. BEWARE CLONED CARS SELLING ON EBAY Scammers are conning people into buying ‘cloned’ cars on eBay. These are stolen vehicles that have been given the identity of a similar legitimate car, including licence plates and chassis numbers. A BBC investigation found that buyers are asked to hand over the cash – typically around £17,000 – in person, giving them no chance to recover it. EBay said it had closed the fraudsters’ accounts,…