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What was I doing in Dorking last December? I don’t remember going there then, though Google tells me I did, and who am I to argue with the world’s biggest collector of personal data? Sign into Google’s Timeline and you’ll see your own journeys – some of which you may even remember. Disabling Google’s location tracking is one of the many privacy-boosting tips in our Cover Feature, which also recommends Facebook and Amazon settings to tweak. All three are excellent websites that have changed how we work, communicate and shop, and I wouldn’t suggest you stop using them. But you should check what information they hold on you, and follow our tips to prevent them from gathering more. You may have noticed that, regrettably, we’ve had to increase our price to £2.10.…

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automatic refunds for poor broadband (but only £8 a day)

You’ll be legally entitled to automatic compensation for poor broadband service from 2019, Ofcom has announced. However, it won’t be as much as the amount in the initial proposal - £8 a day after the first two working days a fault remains unfixed, rather than £10 as first suggested. The money will be refunded from your next bill. Internet service providers will also pay you £5 for every day a new service after the date it was purchased. You’ll get £25 compensation if an engineer misses an appointment. Ofcom estimates around 2.6 million people could benefit from the new rules, refunding customers a total of £142m every year. That figure is currently just £16m. The regulator launched a consultation into refunds because at the moment only 15 per cent of customers who complain…

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youtube removes sick kids videos

YouTube says it will crack down on spoof videos that trick children into watching violent or sexual content. These videos look like innocent cartoons, often featuring much-loved characters like Elsa from Frozen and Peppa Pig, but contain disturbing material that many parents say has upset their children. In one clip, Peppa Pig is attacked by a zombie (pictured). In another she screams as a dentist pulls out her teeth. These videos appear first in the main YouTube app, restricted to adults, before moving to the Kids version (kids.youtube.com), where they can be easily found by searching in the YouTube Kids app. The site will now ask users to flag adult content in the main app that children may mistakenly think is aimed at them. It will then place an age-rating on the video, and…

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share files without email or usb using windows 10’s new tool

Microsoft is testing a feature that lets you send files between nearby Windows 10 computers using Bluetooth. It means you’ll be able to send photos, videos and website URLs without using a USB stick or email. The Near Share tool appears in a new preview version of Windows 10 (Redstone 4 Build 17035), available to people signed up to the Fast Ring and Skip Ahead options in the Windows Insider program (https://insider.windows.com). It’s similar to Apple’s AirDrop, which lets users share files between devices running MacOS (for example, MacBooks) and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Google also recently announced a sharing app, called Files Go, that works between Android devices. To use Near Share, you need to switch it on in the Action Center on both computers (see screenshot above right). It works with Microsoft…

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rspca: don’t call fake website numbers

The RSPCA has warned the public about a rise in scam websites that contain fake premium-rate 0844 phone numbers for the charity. A spokeswoman for the charity said it has contacted Google and complained to telecoms regulator Ofcom, after it found “eight different websites with incorrect numbers in the first ten pages” of an online search. It added that the numbers are “designed to rack up a heavy bill for the caller” and give the false impression that they are affiliated with the charity. When you ring the number, you’re told you’re being diverted to the RSPCA’s National Control Centre, which makes the scam sound more convincing. Dave Allen, head of education and advice at the RSPCA, said some of the sites show real messages from the charity’s Twitter and Facebook pages in an…

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in brief

PAY MORE FOR AMAZON PRIME NOW Amazon has angered customers by doubling to £40 the amount you need to spend using Prime Now without paying extra for delivery. Any order below that will incur a £3.99 delivery charge, plus an optional £2 tip to the driver. Prime Now, which launched in 2015 and costs £79 a year, delivers food, health, beauty, and home products within two hours. YAHOO BLAMES RUSSIA FOR HUGE HACKS Yahoo’s former boss has blamed Russia for the huge hacks in 2013 and 2014 that affected all its users. Marissa Mayer, who left the company with a $209m severance deal, pointed the finger at “Russian intelligence officers and state-sponsored hackers” while testifying to the Senate Commerce Committee in Washington. She apologised for the breach, saying that the threat from rogue…