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Behind the rise in dementia cases lies good news: we’re living longer, and recovering better from serious illnesses. But that doesn’t make the disease any less cruel or distressing. There’s no cure, but anyone worried about dementia – or who watched helplessly as it overcame a loved one - will be keen to know whether the symptoms can be eased. In our Cover Feature, Jonathan Parkyn investigates the complex claims that technology can help - whether its braintraining apps, memory-boosting games or communication aids. Much more research is needed before we can be certain of any benefits, but there are some promising signs. I count myself lucky. Nobody in my family - parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts - has suffered from dementia. But I know from emails I receive how many of…

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new windows 10 update delayed by ‘blocking bug’

Microsoft has reportedly delayed the release of the Spring Creators Update (SCU, Version 1803) for Windows 10 because developers found a serious flaw buried in its code. All operating systems contain some flaws when released, which are then fixed in updates. But this flaw appears to be a ‘blocking’ bug, meaning it’s severe enough to require fixing before the SCU is fit for public release. Although Microsoft hadn’t announced a release date, the SCU – the first of 2018’s two scheduled Feature updates - was widely expected to arrive on 10 April, as part of Microsoft’s ‘Patch Tuesday’ group of updates for that month. The delay was reported by the website Windows Central, which claimed that, according to its Microsoft sources, the bug was found during the weekend before the unofficial release date. Microsoft…

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Seven words typically sum up our disappointed reaction to troublesome updates: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But just as important is, ‘If it is broke, don’t release it’. We’re glad Microsoft has heeded this adage and held the Spring Creators Update back, rather than stick rigidly to an arbitrary timetable. We think you’ll love its new tools, in particular the Timeline feature, but they’ll be just as good in a few weeks as they are now. After previous problems with rushed updates, we’re happy to wait.…

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use facebook? scammers stole your phone number and email

Facebook has admitted that scammers stole the phone numbers and email addresses of almost all 2.2 billion users, deepening the privacy crisis engulfing the company. With this data, fraudsters were able to search the site to find users’ personal info, such as their name and date of birth. Scammers included this data in their phone calls and emails to make them appear more genuine - for example, by using their victim’s first name, or wishing them happy birthday. Before the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook encouraged people to add their phone number, claiming it would make it easier to connect with friends, and improve security. It had previously denied there was a privacy risk. To find out whether Facebook has your phone number click the top-right arrow on your profile page, then Settings. In…

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online shops banned from showing misleading delivery charges

Online retailers will no longer be able to claim free delivery throughout the UK if they charge remote areas more, under new rules. Customers in areas such as the Scottish Highlands and islands, Northern Ireland, Anglesey, and the Isle of Man have often complained about websites hiding the extra fees they charge for delivery. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) have issued an Enforcement Notice that forces retailers to abide by tougher regulations. CAP Director Shahriar Coupal said the action “makes very clear that advertisers must not mislead consumers by promising ‘free’ or ‘UK’ delivery when it turns out that delivery is not free or the item won’t be delivered if you live in certain parts of the UK”. Companies caught breaking the rules after 31 May could…

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in brief

TESCO TO CLOSE FREE EMAIL SERVICE Tesco is closing the free tesco.net email service provided to customers who bought its broadband package. It will stop working on 27 June, after which users can have emails forwarded to another inbox until 19 October. Tesco said “most customers” have already switched to other services, such as Gmail and Outlook.com. The supermarket sold its broadband business to TalkTalk in 2015. FIREFOX BLOCKS TRACKING ON IPADS Mozilla has updated its Firefox app for iPhones and iPads to block by default websites that track you when you browse online. Previously, its Tracking Protection was a setting you had to switch on. In its blog (www.snipca.com/27524) Mozilla said that as “an added bonus” websites will also load faster. Tap your menu button to see Tracking Protection activated.…