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from the editor

What advice would you give your younger self about computing? Don’t bother upgrading to Windows Vista? Don’t reply to that email from a Nigerian businessman offering riches? Untick all ‘bonus’ boxes when installing software? Ah, if only. In this issue’s Cover Feature (page 50), Jonathan Parkyn recommends Windows tricks that would have made life easier had you learned them years ago. While reading it I felt that bittersweet sensation of discovering I’ve being doing certain things wrong for years. Yes, it’s a relief to know you’ll no longer make those mistakes, but you can’t help feeling like a prize turnip for not realising sooner. Some tips are useful only in the here and now, such as solutions to problems caused by the April 2018 Update (see page 58). We’ve tried to answer…

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farage: facebook is bias against right-wing pages

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has accused Facebook of “wilfully discriminating” against right-wing commentators by making them appear less frequently in users’ news feeds. Farage, who has 1.19 million Twitter followers and 787,000 Facebook ‘likes’, made the claim as Facebook’s boss Mark Zuckerberg answered questions from MEPs in Brussels. He said that since Facebook changed its algorithms in January, “views and engagements” to his page and those offering other “right-of-centre political opinions” were down by 25 per cent. Farage told Zuckerberg that without Facebook and other social-media sites “there is no way that Brexit or Trump or the Italian elections could ever possibly have happened”. He suggested Zuckerberg was “horrified” by this, adding: “It was social media that allowed people to get behind the back of mainstream media”. Zuckerberg responded to Farage by denying the…

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microsoft: edge still best for laptop batteries

Microsoft has once again claimed that laptop batteries last longer when browsing the web in Edge, outlasting Chrome and Firefox. It posted a video on YouTube (www.snipca.com/27950, pictured) showing three “identical” Surface laptops streaming the same video, with one running in Edge, one in Chrome, the other in Firefox. The laptop running edge Edge lasted over 14 hours, beating the one running Chrome (12 hours) and Firefox (seven). However, Microsoft admits - in small print at the bottom - that the results may vary on other devices, and that battery life overall depends on “settings, usage and other factors”. The company’s claim, made to promote the release of the April 2018 Update for Windows 10, repeats the test it has run several times, with Edge winning in each one. In January, it showed…

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force phone companies to boost 4g, say mps

More than 50 MPs have said phone networks should be forced to improve their 4G coverage across the UK to boost access in rural areas. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Services sent a letter to digital secretary Matt Hancock saying EE, O2, Three and Vodafone should be legally obliged to deliver mobile coverage to 95 per cent of the UK’s landmass by the end of 2022. The Government declared this ambition in December, estimating it would add £75 billion to UK GDP. However, regulator Ofcom says only 57 per cent of premises in rural areas can make calls on all four networks, compared with 90 per cent in towns and cities. The letter, signed by MPs from all major parties (read it at www.snipca.com/27857), said 4G must be improved so the public can…

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bt’s unlimited 4g if your broadband fails

BT has launched the UK’s first joint broadband and 4G package, promising to keep you connected when there are problems with your service. Called BT Plus, the new deal guarantees you free unlimited mobile data if your broadband goes down, giving you continued access to the internet. The company said it will switch on mobile data within a hour of you contacting them, and send a free 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub to arrive the next day. The 4G is provided by EE, which BT bought for £12.5bn in 2016. BT Plus customers will receive just one bill for both broadband and mobile. Customers can buy a broadband-mobile bundle, or broadband first, then add mobile data later. BT Plus bundles start from £61.99 a month for 18 months, then rise to £65.99 thereafter. It…

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in brief

TESCO DIRECT TO CLOSE IN JULY Tesco Direct (www.tesco.com/direct), which sells non-food items like clothing, will close on 9 July, having failed to compete with Amazon. Next-day delivery is no longer available. Instead items will take two to five days to arrive. You’ll still be able to use coupons and vouchers. Its normal returns policy applies, though after 9 July it may offer refunds only, not repairs nor replacements. Read more on Tesco’s site: www.snipca.com/27913. CHROME TO REMOVE ‘SECURE’ LABEL Google has said from September that Chrome will stop marking sites that use HTTPS encryption as ‘Secure’ because it wants to promote the expectation that the web should be safe “by default”. It will continue to show sites that use the older HTTP protocol as ‘Not Secure’. Google reveals more on its blog:…