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from the editor

Most of the texts and voicemails I send contain the same four words: ‘train cancelled, home late’. Sometimes I add a fifth that can’t be printed in a family magazine. These are not the kind of messages I would like to be remembered by. That doesn’t make me unusual - most messages sent by most people are similarly unexciting (apologies if you relate the frustration of train delays as sonnets). But those sent during a memorable event, or by loved ones no longer with us, have more meaning. Video chats also capture precious moments. I know several grandparents whose first sighting of their grandchildren, born on foreign shores, was on Skype. Downloading and keeping these is much harder than it should be. Manufacturers seemed to have overlooked the basic human need to…

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record your video calls in skype — finally!

You’ll soon be able to record video calls in the desktop version of Skype, one of the most-requested additions to Microsoft’s software. Currently you can record Skype calls only by using programs from other companies, such as Evaer (see page 51). The public demand for call recording in recent years led Microsoft to publish a list of the third-party tools that made it possible (www.snipca.com/28531). It has taken nearly 15 years from the launch of Skype for call recording to be made available. In a blog post announcing new tools in an updated version of Skype 8.0 (www.snipca.com/28530), Microsoft says call-recording is “completely cloud based”, which means the calls are saved online, not on your computer. This will let you access them on any device connected to the internet. As soon as someone…

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new registry editor & notepad tools

Microsoft has added features to two of its most useful tools - Registry Editor and Notepad - in the Preview version of Windows 10. They are expected to appear in the next Feature Update (version 1809), due this autumn. When you start typing in Registry Editor, you’ll see a dropdown menu suggesting terms that could come next, similar to how web browsers suggest search terms. It’s also easier to delete steps when typing paths in the Editor. You can use Ctrl+Backspace to delete the last path, or Ctrl+Delete to delete the path immediately after the cursor In Notepad, the new ‘Wrap around’ function lets you search the entire document. You can also change text size by pressing Ctrl+Plus and Ctrl+Minus, or by pressing Ctrl and scrolling your mouse wheel.…

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facebook fined £500k (which will take it 18 mins to pay off!)

Facebook faces the maximum fine from the UK data watchdog for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but it’s a tiny proportion of the company’s multi-billion revenues. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which has been investigating how political groups use personal data to target adverts during campaigns, says it’s intending to fine Facebook £500,000 for breaking the Data Protection Act. Specifically, the company has been accused of “failing to safeguard people’s information”, and not being “transparent” about how people’s data was used by other firms. It’s waiting for Facebook’s response before confirming the fine, which is a fraction of the company’s earnings. Based on its reported net income of $5bn in the latest quarter, it would take the company just 18 minutes to pay it. The watchdog has been investigating Facebook since March, when it emerged…

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fax of life: nhs uses 9,000 old machines

Hospitals’ reliance on old-fashioned fax machines to communicate has been branded “ludicrous” by senior doctors. A freedom of information request from the Royal College of Surgeons revealed nearly 9,000 fax machines were in use across hospitals in England. Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust topped the list, using 603 machines. Richard Kerr, chair of the Royal College of Surgeons’ Commission on the Future of Surgery, said it was “farcical” for the NHS to be dependent on “archaic” technology while encouraging the use of artificial intelligence in medical treatment and research. He said the NHS was “stubbornly attached” to fax machines, adding it “cannot continue to rely on a technology most other organisations scrapped in the early 2000s”. Ninety-five trusts, around three-quarters of the total, responded to the survey. Surrey and Sussex Trust had the second…

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in brief

MALWARE FALLS DURING WORLD CUP Malware infections fell during the World Cup in countries on days they were playing matches, according to research from UK security company Enigma Soft, makers of SpyHunter software. Its analysis (www.snipca.com/28426) shows that infections dropped by an average of 19.88 per cent on matchdays, as people turned off their PCs to watch football on TV. The biggest fall was in Uruguay (41.39 per cent), much higher than in England (16.81 per cent). WATCH ANONYMOUSLY ON YOUTUBE YouTube has added an incognito mode to its Android app, letting you watch videos without them being saved in your search history. To turn it on, tap your profile photo (or avatar) top right, then tap ‘Turn on Incognito’. It warns you that your activity may still be visible to “your employer,…