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from the editor

Revamping a magazine is always a risky business. You don’t want to change too much of what readers love, but nor can you let the magazine grow stale - particularly in the fast-moving world of computing. What’s relevant today may be obsolete tomorrow. The key to success is delivering on two fronts: giving readers more of what they enjoy, but also introducing new content they didn’t realise they wanted. That’s the balance I hope we’ve got right. When we last asked what you’d like to see more of in Computeractive, you said more practical advice, more readers’ tips, and more help using software. As a result, we’ve doubled the Readers’ Tips section (see page 42); added the ‘How To…’ section to give instructions on performing a specific technical task (page 35); and…

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banks must now say when they’ve been hacked

Banks must make it clearer when they’ve been attacked by cyber-criminals under tough new rules from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It’s part of a push to force banks to display vital information prominently on their websites, instead of burying it in the small print. As well as reporting hacks, banks must state when they’ve been unable to offer an online service. They must also clarify how and when helplines are available (including 24-hour services), and publish how likely people would be to recommend them to friends. These results, from a survey of thousands of personal and small business customers, must be displayed in banks’ branches, and on their websites and apps. The FCA said that because the information would be presented in the same way across all banks, customers would find it easier…

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back up automatically to onedrive

You can now automatically back up files saved on your computer to OneDrive - Microsoft’s online-storage service - after the company made its ‘Folder Protection’ tool available for Home users of Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Until recently, only Business users could access it. Once activated, it syncs files in your Desktop, Pictures and Documents folders. You can then access them from anywhere by signing into your OneDrive account. To turn it on, open the OneDrive settings, then click the ‘Auto Save’ tab. Next, click the ‘Update folders’ button (see screenshot) and choose the folders you want to sync. Finally, click ‘Start protection’. To see your files sync, click ‘View upload progress’. If you don’t see the ‘Update folders’ option, it’s probably because the tool hasn’t been added to your computer yet. It…

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microsoft to release file explorer ‘dark theme’ in next w10 update

Microsoft has released a ‘dark theme’ for File Explorer that’s expected to appear in the next major update to Windows 10, due this autumn. It shows the tool in black (see screenshot), an option many users now prefer in software because they say it’s easier on the eye. On its blog (www.snipca.com/28835) the company said a dark theme is one of the most requested items in Windows 10. Microsoft added a dark theme for the operating system (OS) in 2016’s Anniversary Update, but building one specifically for File Explorer required a lot more work. The theme is available to users on the Windows 10 Insider Programme (https://insider.windows.com/en-gb). To activate it in File Explorer and the rest of the OS, open the Settings app, click Personalization, Colors, then select the ‘Dark’ option in…

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less copper, more full-fibre broadband for uk homes

BT Openreach has cut back plans to upgrade 10 million copper broadband lines using G.fast technology, which delivers speeds up to 330Mbps. Instead, more full-fibre lines will be installed. These can hit speeds of 1Gbps. Around 5.7m copper lines will now be upgraded to G.fast over the next two years. This decrease will be offset by an extra 3m full-fibre connections, 1m more than initially planned. Currently 1.1m premises have G.fast, while 631,000 receive full-fibre. The change in strategy has come after the Government abandoned its view that improving speeds in the UK should be achieved by upgrading the existing copper network. In July, it pledged to deliver full-fibre to 15 million premises by 2025, followed by the rest of the country over the next eight years. BT has come under increased political…

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in brief

BUTLINS SAYS 34,000 CUSTOMERS HACKED Butlins has apologised for a data breach in which the details of up to 34,000 customers may have been stolen. Information taken included home addresses and holiday arrival dates, which criminals could use to work out when a family is not at home. No payment data was stolen, Butlins said. It planned to contact everyone affected by 13 August. For more details visit www.butlins.com/data.aspx. GOOGLE CHROMEBOOKS ‘TO RUN WINDOWS 10’ Google is reportedly working on a secret project called ‘Campfire’ to make it easier to dual-boot Windows 10 with Chrome OS in Chromebooks. Currently, you can do this only by putting Chrome OS into ‘developer mode’, which turns off vital security tools. Rumours say it would appear first on Google’s own Pixelbook (pictured), which costs from £999, but…