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from the editor

My four-year-old daughter already grasps the power of the small black box in our living room, with its flickering blue lights and pointy antennae. It is “the thing that makes the internet work”. It’s an almost unimprovable description, and yet routers are capable of so much more, as Will Stapley explains in our Cover Feature (page 50). In fact, few devices are as little understood as routers. As long as the Wi-Fi works, they are largely left unexamined. What a waste of their potential. I hope our feature inspires you to try tasks like accessing your router remotely, using it to run a VPN, and adding network storage via a USB. But if our instructions don’t exactly fit your router’s settings, please email our Reader Support team for help (see page 71). editor@computeractive.co.uk PS:…

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NHS consultation by Skype? Don’t forget the elderly Charities for the elderly have warned against a top doctor’s call for outpatient appointments to take place by video rather than face to face, saying most over-75s aren’t online and therefore can’t use services like Skype and FaceTime. Professor Stephen Powis, medical director for NHS England, said the NHS should “grasp the nettle” and introduce “new and exciting” video technology to cut unnecessary hospital appointments. His comments come in the foreword to a report by the Royal College of Physicians (www.snipca.com/29710) about the future of the outpatients system, which estimates that a fifth of the 127 million appointments a year at English hospitals aren’t needed. Dr Toby Hillman, co-author of the report, said the current set-up is “an 18th Century system” and that “it should not…

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in brief

SAMSUNG ‘FOLDABLE’ PHONE REVEALED Samsung has unveiled its long-awaited foldable phone (pictured), saying production will start within months. Using technology called Infinity Flex Display, its ‘cover display’ acts as a screen when closed. When unfolded, it resembles a 7.3in tablet. Watch it being demonstrated at www.snipca.com/29686. UK BROADBAND FIFTH CHEAPEST IN EUROPE The UK has the fifth cheapest broadband in western Europe, with an average of £30.10 per month, according to new research from comparison site Cable.co.uk. Italy has the cheapest, at around £22.40, followed by France, Germany and Monaco. However, the UK’s broadband is only the 15th fastest in Europe, and 35th fastest in the world. Ukraine has the world’s cheapest broadband, at £3.80. See all the figures at www.snipca.com/29680. USE STICKY NOTES ON THE WEB Microsoft has released an online version of Sticky…

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will 5g be so fast it’ll replace home broadband?

When a company invests billions in new technology, you’d expect it to shout loudly about its potential. That’s why the UK boss of mobile network Three is keen for everyone to believe his claim that 5G will be so fast and reliable it will replace broadband in homes. If his boasts prove true, you might end up saving a lot of money by moving from fixed-line contracts to 5G. If not, it would be another case of technological reality failing to match the hype. Dave Dyson, who’s been head of Three UK since 2011, told BBC News that 5G will have enough capacity to cope with the amount of data people expect to use when browsing the web at home. Currently being tested around the world, including in London, 5G can hit theoretical…

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protect your tech

WATCH OUT FOR… Fake ‘download Chrome’ ads in Bing What’s the threat? Searching for Google’s browser Chrome in Microsoft’s search engine Bing is producing results containing malware. The threat was discovered by software developer Gabriel Landau, who warned others about it by posting a video on Twitter (www.snipca.com/29603). He typed ‘download Chrome’ into Bing on a new Windows 10 laptop, and saw an advert at the top of the results titled ‘Get Chrome - Download Chrome Today google.com’ (see screenshot). Clicking the genuine-looking link below this (www.google.com) took Landau to a site that appeared to offer a legitimate Chrome download, but had the fake URL ‘www.googleonline2018.com/chrome’. Landau downloaded the bogus version of Chrome, then analysed the file and found it was made by Israeli company Alpha Criteria Ltd, which is known to infect computers with…

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new tools

Adblock Plus 3.4 www.snipca.com/29647 An effective way to block scam adverts (like the one described above) is to use an ad-blocking web extension. And one of the best is Adblock Plus, which has been relaunched to use 50 per cent less memory, so it won’t slow your browsing as much as before (not that we’d noticed this). It also has a crisp new design, making it a delight to use. Install the extension (click the URL above then choose the download link for your browser - Chrome, Firefox or Opera), then start browsing the web. Keep an eye on Adblock Plus’s icon at the top right of your browser (‘ABP’ inside a red stop-sign octagon). It will show you the number of adverts blocked on the web page you’re currently on. You’ll enjoy the…