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I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to win a fortune on EuroMillions, but it may deprive me of one of life’s most rewarding pleasures: prolonging the life of my tech to make sure I squeeze out every penny’s worth. Would I be so motivated if I had enough cash to purchase a new diamond-encrusted printer every day? Actually, yes, perhaps I would. Like love and happiness, money can’t buy the glow of satisfaction that comes from adding new features to a device through a clever tweak, or a timely download. Nik Rawlinson hasn’t won EuroMillions (or if he has, he’s kept it quiet), so he’s as keen as me on adding features to existing kit. His excellent Cover Feature explains how to upgrade your PC, laptop, router, printer, camera and more through…

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40Gbps Speed of USB4, which should start appearing in devices next year- p9 £200 How much one reader was scammed by a fake HP site - p14 774 million How many words and phrases AI tool GPT-2 has been programmed with - p49 HOW TO USE SNIPCA URLs We use snipcas to turn long URLs that are hard to type into ones that are short and simple. They aren’t websites themselves, which means they won’t be recognised if you type them into Google. Instead, you need to type them into your browser address bar, then press Enter. Doing this will take you to the correct website.…

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‘ethical’ bbc will beat netflix in tv wars

The BBC will ultimately beat Amazon and Netflix in the TV-streaming wars because viewers see it as more “ethical”, director-general Lord Hall (pictured) has claimed. Speaking at the Royal Television Society convention in Cambridge, Lord Hall argued that the public sees the BBC as different to other broadcasters because it has a “unique mission and purpose”. He said: “All audiences – young and old – believe in it. Purpose and values matter today more than ever, as people pick and choose services for ethical reasons as much as economic ones”. Lord Hall also said the BBC is well placed to thrive when new broadcasters such as Disney, Apple and Hulu launch their own streaming services. He claimed that with so many services available to the public, broadcasters that are “distinctive and different” will…

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sainsbury’s: public not ready for till-free stores

Sainsbury’s has said customers aren’t ready to pay for items on their phones, and has reinstalled checkouts into one of its stores after a three-month trial. In April, the supermarket removed tills from a store in Holborn, London, requiring customers to scan their groceries using its Pay & Go app as they walked around. Sainsbury’s claimed this “created excitement amongst customers”, and that many “loved how quick and simple” the app is to use. However, it added that some customers preferred to pay with cash or card, which led to queues at the helpdesk. It has now put one conventional till and two self-checkouts into the store, while keeping the option for shoppers to pay through the app. It added: “We’ll take the learnings from this experiment to develop our technology even further to help…

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right-click chrome to send web pages from pc to phone

Google has updated Chrome to let you send web pages from computer to phone/tablet (and vice versa) by right-clicking. This makes it easier to browse the same web pages if you regularly switch between PC, laptop, phone and tablet. Until now you’ve had to share pages by turning on the Sync option in Chrome, then clicking Share in your address bar (as Google explains: www.snipca.com/32780). The new tool is part of Chrome 77, which was released in early September. When you right-click a page or tab while browsing on your computer, you’ll see a menu with the option to ‘Send link to’ followed by the name of your connected devices (see screenshot 1). To open this option while browsing in Chrome on Android or iOS, tap the top-right menu icon, followed by Share,…

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facebook ‘knows when you last had sex’

Facebook knows when some of its users have had sex, according to a report from privacy campaigners. It says that women using apps that track their periods unwittingly share intimate data with Facebook. Women use these apps to gauge when they are most fertile, or when to expect their next period. But Privacy International (PI) has warned that the apps share data with Facebook using the site’s Software Development Kit (SDK), which is a set of tools that lets apps build extra features and target users with personalised adverts. Having studied several period-tracking apps, PI found that the “intimate details of the private lives of millions of users across the world are shared with Facebook and other third parties without those users’ free, unambiguous and informed or explicit consent”. In addition to information about…