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Computeractive is the UK’s best-selling computer magazine and your friendly guide to PCs, gadgets and the web! It includes regular news updates, project ideas, help and advice on popular reader queries, articles on anti-virus software, features on consumer rights, and a whole lot more to help you get the very best out of your computer. Get PC advice in plain English today – get Computeractive!

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I’ve always been fascinated by early maps of countries where large areas have yet to be filled in. They feel like poignant snapshots of human potential waiting to be realised. In my mind, Wi-Fi is the closest computing comes to this tantalising glimpse of the unknown. If you’ve barely touched your router since first plugging it in, then – technologically speaking - you’re standing at the edge of an unexplored continent, compass, pencil and parchment in hand. Splitting your networks across devices is like crossing an unnamed river, filtering your MAC address like hacking your way through untrodden jungle. Hmm, OK, so perhaps I’ve stretched this metaphor as far as it can go without it snapping and hitting me in the face. Setting static IP addresses doesn’t make you David Livingstone, even…

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9 inches Screen size of Microsoft’s new two-screen Surface Neo device - p10 38 Average words per minute people type on a phone - p9 £439 Refund offered to a reader in a British Gas scam - p11 HOW TO USE SNIPCA URLs We use snipcas to turn long URLs that are hard to type into ones that are short and simple. They aren’t websites themselves, which means they won’t be recognised if you type them into Google. Instead, you need to type them into your browser address bar, then press Enter. Doing this will take you to the correct website.…

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october comes in november for next w10 update

Microsoft has confirmed that the next Windows Update will be called the November 2019 Update, despite being initially scheduled for October. It has yet to announce a release date for the update, but the final version has been released to Windows Insiders for testing. The update is numbered 1909, referring to the year and month (September) when Microsoft hoped it would be finished, before an October release. It will be the smallest update to Windows 10 since the operating system launched in 2015, as Microsoft begins its new annual timetable of a major Feature Update in the spring followed in the autumn by an update mostly containing fixes and performance improvements. These minor updates will be similar to the Service Packs Microsoft released for previous editions of Windows, such as XP and 7, although…

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cherish folklore not facebook says national trust

Social media is killing the public’s knowledge of folklore and superstitions, the National Trust has claimed. The organisation said that people are more interested in technology than mythology, warning that it will lead to many of the UK’s traditions dying out. It asked the public to share its love of folklore as Halloween approaches, in order to keep it alive for future generations. Jessica Monaghan, the National Trust’s Head of Experiences and Programming, said tales of “white harts, mirrors, water spirits or magpies” help to bring the country together, and allow us “appreciate the layers of history and symbolism in the places we live now”. However, Dee Dee Chainey, author of the National Trust’s A Treasury of British Folklore, said the internet was actually creating a new type of folklore. She compared web…

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nhs to treat young people addicted to computer games

The NHS is to open a clinic to treat the growing problem of young people addicted to computer games. From November, its Centre for Internet and Gaming Disorders (CIGD) will offer counselling for people aged between 13 and 25. Mental-health professionals will talk to patients via Skype or in person, while GPs in England can now refer addicts to the service. NHS England boss Simon Stevens said the service is in response to “an emerging problem, part of the increasing pressures that children and young people are exposed to these days”. Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, director of CIGD, said that gaming disorders can have a “hugely debilitating effect” on victims, leaving their families feeling “utterly helpless”. She added: “We are talking about instances where someone may spend up to 12 hours a day playing computer…

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need tech help at home? call for a bt expert!

BT is recruiting 900 Home Tech Experts to visit customers to sort out problems with their TV and broadband services or set up a new product. Customers won’t have to pay for the visits, which are part of BT’s ambition to “reinvent what it means to provide great customer service”. The service is also available for non-customers, but they’ll have pay £30 an hour. BT also said it will bring all its call centres back to the UK and Ireland by January 2020, a year earlier than originally planned. It plans to introduce regional route calling, putting you through to the nearest available call centre. BT’s scheme appears to be similar to Team Knowhow, the service Currys and PC World set up in 2010 to replace TechGuys. BT boss Philip Jansen said he wanted…