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from the editor

From the moment in June when Boris Johnson, then campaigning to be Conservative leader, called for full-fibre broadband in every home by 2025, I thought the issue of broadband would play a big part in the next election. But I still wasn’t expecting Labour to respond by pledging to nationalise Openreach and deliver free internet access for all. It was a bold ambition that forced broadband on to the political agenda like never before – though it didn’t quite trump the other ‘B’ word in the concerns of the public. I read lots of contrasting opinions on Labour’s policy – some saying it would be a vital investment in future generations, others claiming it was economically unviable and would cripple Openreach’s rivals. With Labour’s heavy election loss, free broadband won’t be coming soon,…

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stop using w7’s security essentials after 14 jan

Microsoft has confirmed it will end support for Security Essentials on Windows 7 on 14 January – the same day it stops supporting the 10-year-old operating system. It means the antivirus program will no longer receive virus definitions, so you won’t be able to rely on it if you intend to keep using Windows 7 after the deadline. You should continue to run your existing third-party antivirus software on Windows 7, although only with specific precautions (see page 60). Eventually your antivirus will stop supporting Windows 7, but probably not for some years. Antivirus firms tend to support operating systems long after Microsoft ends support. AVG and Avast, for example, stopped security updates for Windows XP as recently as January 2019, almost five years after Microsoft ended support. Microsoft confirmed the end of Security…

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youtube bans videos that insult race and sexuality

YouTube has banned videos that attack people’s race, sexuality and gender, after it was criticised for not taking action against homophobic abuse. The decision strengthens the site’s policy on what kind of videos should be allowed. It previously banned videos that contained explicit threats of violence. This has been extended to include “veiled” or implied threats, such as saying “you better watch out” while brandishing a knife. The decision comes after US journalist Carlos Maza (pictured above left) complained last June about “clearly hurtful” homophobic and racist slurs aimed at him by Steven Crowder (above right), who hosts a talk show on the website. Crowder, whose show was watched by four million people at the time, called Maza a “lispy queer” and a “gay Mexican”. Initially YouTube said Crowder hadn’t broken its rules, but…

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bt to boris: cut the broadband red tape

BT has called for Boris Johnson to cut red tape holding back broadband infrastructure, following his emphatic victory in December’s General Election. Philip Jansen, the firm’s boss, said that few things are more important to the UK than “speeding up the delivery of full-fibre broadband”. He claimed the Government could take some “simple, immediate steps” to slash regulation and help BT “build like the clappers”. In August Jansen said BT was ready to deliver on Johnson’s pledge to make full-fibre broadband available to all homes and businesses by 2025. His call to cut regulation echoes industry feeling that the law makes it too hard to lay broadband cables. Companies are currently required to obtain “wayleave agreements” to install equipment on private land, but property owners often don’t respond. The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA)…

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in brief

PIN WEBSITES TO WINDOWS TASKBAR Microsoft is testing a feature in Windows 10 that lets you pin websites to the taskbar. It’s currently being trialled in preview versions of its Edge browser, which will relaunch on 15 January. When you select the option, you see a list of Microsoft services that can be pinned, such as Bing and Office, and any websites you’ve got open in Edge. IPHONE PHOTO APP IS APPLE’S BEST OF 2019 Apple has named an app that helps you take long-exposure photos as the best iPhone app of 2019. Spectre Camera, which costs £2.99, uses artificial intelligence to perform various tricks, such as remove crowds and draw light trails. Apple’s best iPad app of the year is Flow, from notebook makers Moleskine, which lets you use Apple’s Pencil stylus…

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police urge public to take counter-terrorism training

You can assess how well you’d react to a terrorist attack on a new online course devised by UK counter-terrorism officers. The training, called ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) Awareness, was previously available only to people who might have to deal with an attack, such as staff working in shopping centres and entertainment venues. It comprises seven modules and takes 45 minutes to complete. You watch videos of incidents, with actors playing the roles, and are asked to identify the risks and give an appropriate response. Scenarios depicted include a bomb-threat phone call, suspicious packages inside cars and lorries, and a firearms attack. It also features footage from the aftermath of terrorist attacks, including at the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in 2017, which killed 23 people. So far 350,000 people from 6,000 companies…