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Cosmopolitan South Africa October/November 2019

COSMOPOLITAN magazine is one of the most successful women's glossy magazines in South Africa; an indispensable read for a tribe of loyal Fun, Fearless Females.  COSMO is the magazine for woman in her freedom years, the ambitious young woman’s bible.  The dominant force in the young girl’s life, from guys to beauty, sex, careers, fashion and money matters. It encourages women to embrace all that it means to be fun and fearless. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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ed’s letter

My last girls’ vacay was a total disaster. It began with the invites and, being a weekend away for my 30th birthday (a good few years ago now), that meant limited numbers. To this day, my one friend still brings up the fact that she never cracked the nod – like a joke you know is really not a joke, but a sly bitch jab that’s getting tired now. Not one restaurant reservation or sit-down dinner planned was honoured; instead, a two-day liquid binge-fest ensured that the itinerary was quite literally washed away with wine. The ‘girls only, no boys’ rule I so steadfastly imposed in the name of bonding might as well have fallen on deaf ears. Somehow, on the second night we managed to split in two, one half of the…

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win zinhle’s cover look

Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oil (R129 at Foschiniforbeauty. co.za) Bouncy Beige Watch (and bracelet) R1 499, ERA by DJ Zinhle at American Swiss To enter, visit Cosmopolitan.co.za/win and use the code cosmoxzinhle on the competition page.…

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the ultimate instagram caption generator

FOR A GROUP SHOT • Catch us on the steps of The Met, xoxo. • Yes, I chose the picture I look the best in. • Warning: citywide frosé shortages expected this weekend. • Kendall and Gigi are shaking. FOR A SELFIE • Feelin’ cute. Can someone buy me nuggets? • Behold, my reaction to a mirror or extra-shiny window. • Thank you, thank you. I’d like to credit the eight hours of sleep I got last night. • This is my ‘waiter is coming with the free chips’ face. FOR A COUPLES PIC • Snacks only. • A part of me hates you for beating me in 30 Seconds, but okay. • Subplot comic-relief couple for hire. • One of us kills plants; the other does not. • WE’RE! CUTE! AS! SHIT! FOR AN #OOTD • Carrie Bradshaw could never... • I see it, I like it,…

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for major food porn

CHEESE PULL • I run a cheese stan account now. • This is what dreams are made of. • Cheese, but make it fashun. • If you listen closely, you can hear the whimper of my Lactaid pills. PASTA • The three most important food groups: pasta, Parmesan, focaccia. • Name a thing pasta can’t cure. I’ll wait. • Keto who? • It’s a lifestyle. AVO TOAST • Bought this avo toast instead of a house because #Priorities. • This expensive bread is worth all my bread. • Still eating brunch like it’s 2014. DESSERT • THIS IS LITERALLY ALL I WANT IN LIFE, OKAY?? • She is beauty, she is grace. • BRB, need a nap. • Sorry, I missed everything after ‘Wanna get food?’…

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is there sand in your charge hole?

Your schedule says ‘office’ but your heart is screaming ‘VITAMIN D!’ How do you get your fix? 45% I eat lunch near an office window as a single Lauren Conrad tear runs down my face. 32% I stand on some hot concrete for a while before work. Jealous? 23% I take a ‘business lunch’ and pray my boss doesn’t check my ’Gram. So your hair is, um, ginormous today... 18% I went to a cocktail bar for happy hour and went to bed at 5am. 32% IDK. Salt water and chlorine turn it into this blob on my head. 50% I let humidity win. You’re at the beach. Is there sand in your charge hole, aka that slot where your phone charger goes? 62% I try to be careful, but it happens. 30% Literally every single hole has sand in…

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how long can you make it without calling your mom?

START Good morning, sunshine! Sorry to break it to you, but it’s not *actually* Saturday like you thought it was. It’s Friday. And it’s now 11.07am, since you forgot to set your alarm. What’s your move? A. It’s chill ’cause I can brush my teeth while also spraying dry shampoo like a champ. GO TO 1 B. I’m never not crying on the way to work, so this seems about right. GO TO 6 1 So your manager points out the bags under your eyes when you walk in, which, ugh. Then you check the anxiety-fuelled to-do list you wrote yesterday and your heart drops even more when you see ‘Make dentist appointment’. A. This is too much for today. I’m delegating to my assistant, Mom. END B. I’m gonna take this opportunity to finally figure out my ancient…