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Cosmopolitan South Africa March 2020

COSMOPOLITAN magazine is one of the most successful women's glossy magazines in South Africa; an indispensable read for a tribe of loyal Fun, Fearless Females.  COSMO is the magazine for woman in her freedom years, the ambitious young woman’s bible.  The dominant force in the young girl’s life, from guys to beauty, sex, careers, fashion and money matters. It encourages women to embrace all that it means to be fun and fearless. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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ed’s letter

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve threatened to cancel my streaming services – I have four of them. And yes, I have a premium satellite television subscription too. I keep telling myself I need to cut down on unnecessary expenses, but somehow the glaringly obvious indulgences stay put. I really ought to read a book, listen to an educational podcast, learn how to cook something other than a baked potato… But instead, I binge-watch Love Island Every. Single. Evening. Sound familiar? Well, you know what, sod it (because, TBH, life is way too short to berate yourself for watching trash TV). I love television; I find it comforting, it relieves stress and it’s the ultimate form of escapism. And I’m obsessed with reality shows. Love Island will give you an…

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how to be the ultimate stream queen

your love affair with binge-watching might have started simply enough, with a borrowed Netflix password back in the day, but these days, it looks more like mainlining Netflix … and Showmax and Amazon Prime – every single day. (Hey, it’s the golden age of TV, right?) And just when you thought you had this whole streaming thing figured out, new ones crop up, each duking it out for your rands and your eyeballs. So, what, are you supposed to shell out your entire paycheque just to keep up? Nah. ‘Selective streaming’ is the name of your game. Start with this primer on the fate of your favourite shows, which services you actually need, and what the hell this means for the future of TV. Your guide to the best options ‘I logged…

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behold, your bundle

YOUR NEEDS You must have all the TV shows. TV is everything. SUBSCRIBE TO Apple TV+ and Netflix, because they have the buzziest new stuff and the best oldies. BALLPARK BILL R190/month. YOUR NEEDS Classic movies. Your number-one priority is reliving your youth. SUBSCRIBE TO Amazon Prime, because the movie archive is extensive. BALLPARK BILL R90/month. YOUR NEEDS You’re a reruns-only kinda girl. The new stuff isn’t for you. SUBSCRIBE TO Showmax and Amazon Prime, because The Office and Game Of Thrones both require yearly rewatches. BALLPARK BILL R190/month. YOUR NEEDS Reality TV is your life. You’re an amateur Reality Steve. SUBSCRIBE TO Showmax and Netflix, because you can binge-watch Being Bonang and RuPaul’s Drag Race. BALLPARK BILL R200/month.…

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who is this handsome person and where has he been all our lives?

ALWAYS THE QUIET ONES ‘People who trust themselves are simpler, and I’m drawn to that... People who don’t try too hard or overdo things. There’s something really appealing to me in what’s clean, simple and present.’ DO YOU EVEN GO HERE? So, you’re in Holidate. What’s your fave rom-com? ‘I’d say my favourite rom-com is Holidate!’ Absolutely not. You can’t name your own movie. ‘One movie I dug was Late Night. I thought it was terrific.’ Still not really a rom-com, but fine, we’ll let it slide. ROMANCE OVERLOAD ‘My wife is a lover of Bollywood. I reenacted a scene from her favourite movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and that’s how I proposed. In the scene, there’s this gazebo and it’s raining. I had my cousin hiding in a bush filming it. He put rose petals around and really…

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flowchart: should you send that double text?

START HERE Okay, so whose attention do you want? 1 The lady who loves quality time but is too busy for her spawn. Greg. I met him at a dive bar and we maybe made out. My BFF, whose phone is an extension of her hand. Are you double-tapping your last text to add a ‘?’ (Or, like, actually typing a ‘?’) 1 Yes, it’d be but a wee punctuation notation. Nah, it’s a new message. I have thoughts. Nope. I have an Android. Does the potential double text pertain to your first text? Follow-up questions are essential for my sanity. 3 Well, it’s basically just shade for not answering. 2 This is fresh content (aka a pic of the Leo look-alike I spotted). Be honest: how long has it been since the first text? 3 I haven’t blinked yet. Enough time to build my…

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what your favourite netflix series says about you

There is never a bad time to snuggle up and watch some TV. Chilling on the couch is a top tip in the COSMO self-care handbook. The joy of Netflix is that you can watch and re-watch your faves, while still enjoying all the new content that they have to offer. There are plenty of new additions this year, including the first-ever African Netflix Original series, Queen Sono. Let’s see what your goto series (and genres) reveal about you. IF YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF... Epic fantasy and sci-fi shows that take you on a journey You love adventure and dream of escaping your ordinary life for something new and exciting. You’re also willing to do whatever it takes for what you believe in. Guilty-pleasure dramas that make you hungry for the next episode There…